Best Laptop to Buy | For Students Education & research

Are you planning to buy a laptop computer for your education or research, or personal purposes?

Then how do you plan to buy them?

By asking friends and colleagues around or from online reviews for laptops?

Fine! this is a guide intended for those who want to buy a laptop for almost any purpose.

I have been using one from the HP company since 2007 and later another from 2018 without any trouble or repair.  

But many other purchases by others around were not up to the mark.

Unlike top brands like Apple, other laptop manufacturing companies are mainly concerned with the number of devices sold and not customer satisfaction.

For this, they aim to provide low-cost devices and give maximum technical configurations at a low price to attract customers.

But once bought, and if these specifications go wrong, you will need to run behind their customer care centers for repair and spend more money, yet you may not be satisfied with their service.

For a decade, the prices of these devices did not rise, but their internal configuration did to appeal to the customers and withstand the competition among the manufacturers.


So what to consider while buying a laptop behind the cost factor is the external hardware and not just the configuration.

Internal configuration

This is required as per the present trend of good memory in a hard disk like 1TB, RAM DDR-3, the processor of like 3rd generation Intel Core, and a ram of 8GB and above will do.

The system should have a preferably inbuilt operating system like windows or mac.

The above configuration, including a graphic video card, will suit most purposes for students of any education level playing games for teenagers to adults and using heavy software like drug designing or molecular modeling, statistical software, enzyme kinetics software, etc.

Modern research depends on using much software for data analysis due to the ease, rapidity, and accuracy (without human errors) of results.

External configuration

This is the outer hardware of the laptop.

Most of them are given for every laptop, but we need to check some

This is critical as laptops mostly encounter these problems and go for repair.

1. The hinge or joint at the back between the screen and keypad should be flexible yet tough as we close and open the system almost every time we use it.

If this is the issue, there may be problems in screen display, brightness, or sometimes even breakage of the entire system.

2. The battery: Laptops require good battery backup for work in places where there is no external power supply like in travels, outside in places of power failures (as this is widely prevalent in developing countries)

3. Speakers are the next vulnerable things in most systems.

This is also sometimes due to the use of audio software, which exploits the speaker to levels where they get damaged.  The problem appears to those who use systems for movies and gaming frequently.

4. Keypad: This is so important as we use it every time the system is opened. Yet to avoid damage due to harsh use or wear and tear, we can rely on external keypads.

5. Power sockets and wires are to be tough. If they get damaged, recharging laptops can be a problem.

6. Audio and video socket. These rarely get damaged, yet check them.

7. USB sockets: Minimum of four should be available to suit most purposes.

Other requirements for use and precaution

A) External hard disk in case you need to synchronize your data in between two systems like your laptop at home and another computer in the office or workplace.

This also may be required to store excess data.

B) Anti-virus: A good anti-virus to protect your data and system.

C) Headphones for audio chatting.

d) A Good carry bag meant for the purpose mostly offered by the manufacturer itself.

Is amazon safe to buy laptops?

Amazon is one of the best places to buy a laptop. You will get it at a competitive price with a warranty. Also, you can see reviews of other customers to help you decide.

What is the best laptop for internet browsing

Most laptop brands are best for internet browsing as they are equipped well for it. For other needs like gaming or running analytical software, you may need to search for them.

Are laptops worth it?

In this current generation of technology, laptops are essential. Unlike mobiles and tablets, you will have less strain on the eyes due to the wider screen. Also, it is easy to type on a laptop keyboard than on smaller devices.

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