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Education is a paramount need for human life in the current scenario. It helps one earn his livelihood and also live with the technology around.


16 Uses of chalkboard | For Better Teaching

Uses of chalkboard

Using blackboard (chalkboard) is a must for teaching in schools and colleges. Though the technology has gone up with high visual interactive boards taking the place of chalkboards, the teaching with a chalkboard is still irreplaceable. The chalkboard has many advantages both for the teacher and also the students. Using the board makes the subject more narrative, […]

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Importance of English Language | Uses in Education & Business

Importance of English Language

Importance of English language is due to its worldwide presence, acceptance and integration with technology. It helps in 1. Spread of information 2. Economical and business growth 3. Adaptation of technology 4. Better collaborations. 5. Effective education 6. Enhanced employment opportunities. British rule has spread the English language all over the world. It was enforced to be […]

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Why correct spelling is important in English writing

Are you one of the guys who faced toughness in writing correct spelling in English dictation or written exams? It is quite natural in the English language to make mistakes in spellings of words like in all other languages. In English, there are words which are written by alphabets which do not sound the actual sound as required by […]

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How to utilize time in bus for college, school or office

It is a practice now a days that we keep regularly travelling to school, college or office in the bus or train to reach the destiny. Some time we might be on a long journey to some tour or place like in a flight or train. This generally requires a good time a the cities and towns are growing bigger. Also the schools, colleges and offices […]

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