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Chemical analysis is a branch of chemistry which help to evaluate chemical compound. Tests for qulitative and quantitative analysis are discussed


Column Chromatography | Principle, Procedure & Applications

column chromatography

Column chromatography is the prototype of chromatography. It has simple instrumentation with minimal requirements. It works based on the principle of adsorption chromatography technique. Column Chromatography Principle Principle of involved in this technique is separation of components by adsorbtion. The sample mixture is allowed to pass through a column of solid stationary phase under the […]

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6 Difference between Chromatography and Electrophoresis

1 Difference between Chromatography and Electrophoresis

Chromatography is a technique which is meant for separation of component of a mixture. Similarly electrophoresis is also meant for separation of components of a given sample. But one needs to understand the difference between chromatography and electrophoresis for analytical needs. In general electrophoresis is used mostly in biological labs and forensic analysis. But chromatography is […]

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Qualitative Analysis| 4 Methods & Uses In Chemistry

Qualitative analysis by definition is the process of estimation or determination of the components present in given sample. Chemical analysis has two parts as a) qualitative aspect b) quantitative aspect. Qualitative aspect is the primary property determined and quantitative is the next one in most determinations. Qualitative analysis is quality control for many products emerging […]

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