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Chemical analysis is a branch of chemistry which help to evaluate chemical compound. Tests for qulitative and quantitative analysis are discussed


10 Types of Chromatography | Based on Different Techniques & Methods

Types of Chromatography

There are many types of chromatography like HPLC, Gas chromatography, paper chromatography, thin layer chromatography, etc. Chromatography is an analytic technique which is based on the separation of molecules of a sample over two phases. These phases are called as the stationary and the mobile phase. Initially, it was developed as column chromatography. But its […]

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What is Chromatography? Its Definition, Principle & Uses

What is chromatography

What is Chromatography? Chromatography is derived from the Greek terms “chromo= color & gram=bands.” Hence as the name indicates, in chromatography, there is the formation of colored bands. These bands are indicative of different components in the sample. In the initial stages, it was developed as column chromatography to separate mixtures. Here into a long vertical column, sample along with a mobile phase was […]

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What is HPLC GRADE? Its importance in the Experiment

what is HPLC GRADE

High-pressure liquid chromatography is one of the widely used analytical technique. But it very sensitive to operate at constant pressure. Further, the mobile phase passes through a dense column so all the material used in the procedure should be of high quality. While performing analysis by HPLC chromatography, one is advised to use HPLC grade […]

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Chromatography Lab: Minimal and essential requirements

Chromatography lab

Chromatography labs vary largely based on the type of  chromatography method used. They are designed in a way suitable for the particular chromatographic procedure. But all the chromatography labs have some common requirements to ensure the sensitivity, reproducibility and reliability in analytical results. Since chromatographic procedure is one of the mandatory requirement in some researches, it is necessary to provide a […]

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Quantitative Analysis Chemistry | Definition, Methods & Examples

Quantitative analysis

Quantitative analysis is an important aspect of the analysis of any product, substance,  a chemical or a drug formulation. Analysis (Scientific) is a qualitative and quantitative estimation of any compound or substance by a defined and accepted procedures under a standard set of conditions. Example: If you got an antacid powder sachet, you can notice […]

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