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Physics is the science of physical principles in the nature. It ranges from motion, gravity, astronomy etc.

10 Uses of Earth We live on

10 uses of earth

Mother earth is the base for all of us to live. We are born and do almost all the activities on it. It is born before the actual life started in the universe. It is also the house of all plants and animals where they dwell and die. Humans have been using this mother earth […]

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Importance of Sound and its Applications in Our Life

importance of sound

A sound is a form of energy which trans-locates through matter. The importance of sound is quite enormous as it helps in Communications Signaling system Music Echo system Analyze the distance or depths in the oceans Breakdown of small particles Removal of gases from liquids Telephone For sterilization (kill bacteria) For tissue growth This sound […]

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How to Learn Physics | Tips to Understand & Study

Physics is a subject with knowledge about the physical stuff around us. This is one of the hardest to study as it needs good brain work to learn and understand. Some people like this subject a lot as they can understand it. But those who do not understand it will find it boring. Even it […]

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