8 Courses After Graduation in Science for Stable Career

Graduation in science is quite interesting for many after their high school.

So, many opt for it without further thoughts of career prospects.

But in countries where there is intense competition for jobs, many graduates wonder what to do next.

With a desire for a lucrative career, many think of better courses after graduation in science for stable career.
These courses taken after graduation should also fit one’s personality and interest.

Also one should be eligible to take up the courses and have bright career prospects.

Previously many used to go into basic science streams as there were not many options.

Doing so, they used to land into research or academics.

Since it is highly competitive many also used to stay jobless after higher studies.

But currently we have many diverse courses after graduation which encourages us to take higher education.

So those willing to go for further courses should decide them based on their career aspirations.

Courses after graduation in Science

1. MBA: Master of business administration is the common choice for those willing to land into high paying job. This is the field which drives one into management sort of work in companies or government organizations. One should be willing to work in a social environment in further job. Though it is a good career option, one needs to get his education from reputed B-schools.

If you wish to study in abroad, you need to take up GMAT and if it is in your own country than, opt for best management schools there. The course imparts many skills needed for administration. The body language, communication, reading and comprehensions, analytical capabilities are refined in the course.

2. Law: This is also quite common course sought after graduation. This gives one an option to work as a lawyer on private practice or also in a company needing legal advice. This course imparts various rules, regulation pertaining to the land. Also one should develop better verbal skills to be able to express his views. Those candidates from reputed law institutes are given priority in jobs and also to work in private.

3. Medical lab technology: This is a course which deals with how to assist a physician in health diagnosis, treatment and management. One is exposed to various testing methods using patient serum,  urine, phlegm etc. He is taught how to identify the bacterial or microbial species involved in causing the disease. Also, to identify the biochemical changes, blood group identification, cell count etc. Since this is  leads to a career in health care, it is a stable and well paid.

4. Radiology: This is similar to medical lab technology but is limited to scanning by use of bio-medical devises.

The handling of these devices needs skill and expertise in imaging the human body. The screening techniques include use of ultra-sonic, x-ray, CT-Scan etc. The instruments are expensive; their use for scanning is also expensive. Further some of these when used repeatedly are harmful to the patient (X-ray). So keeping these points in view, one should be able to take a clear cut scan in a single exposure to identify the problem within.

5. Computer MCA: Masters in computers application is a 3 year professional course. Those with a graduation in science having mathematics, computer science or even a bachelor in computer application can opt for MCA. Those completing this degree can work in software industry, computer hardware,  web-designing and also in academics.

6. Master of arts (MA): One can go into professional arts courses like MA in psychology, MA in public administration. MA in psychology has many other branches like clinical psychology, criminal psychology etc. The course deals with human psychology, behavior etc.

One can work in a hospital for counseling or even have private practice. Also one can be taken up in  detective agencies. Similarly, MA in public administration is a course which imparts various skills like accounting, law, sociology, administration etc. One can find jobs in social welfare organizations, in government sector, health care etc.

7. Masters in science: This might seem a bit traditional but we can take a change in the career by opting further into different streams.

After a Bachelor in science in physics, one can go into biomedical sciences, material science, astronomy etc.

Similarly those with chemistry as one of the subjects can go for analytical chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, petroleum technology etc. Those with biology stream can go for nutrition, diet, food sciences. Also one can opt for applied chemistry, mathematics, physics etc.

Those with graduation in electronics can opt for masters in electronics. All these courses lead into master degree in science. From there one can change further into masters in technology or masters in engineering. Those with further interests can go for doctoral degree.

8. B. Ed: Bachelor in education course makes one ready for teaching. IT imparts skill on how to teach children of different classes. This is a common graduation opted by many. They can find a job as school teacher or even move further to M.Ed. etc.

You may also opt for interdisciplinary courses for better knowledge and growth in career.

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