How to do a Research Paper: A 6 Point Step by Step Outline

Research paper is one which describes various aspects of research.

Some of them contain original research findings, while others just a brief information and other which give a detail review of progress in research till date.

So we can see there are different research paper formats.

But it general a research paper indicates an in-depth research findings with study methods and reliable data.

So for this we need prior study conducted as experiments in science and technology areas. While in social and arts we needs to collect material and data from the population.

Once the data and findings are ready, then we go on to make a research paper.

How to do a research paper.

Research paper has certain basics to be done like

1) Choosing the topic and collecting the to do a research paper

2) Research paper outline

3) The journal one wish to publish or

4) Want to make a part of thesis

5) The way to present data

6) The writing style.

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Choosing the topic: Any research paper will be given credit based on the topic of research chosen. So one has to brain storm for good ideas for the right topic. Since there are thousands of research paper for many topics, it will be tough to chose a good one. The topic chosen should be interesting, preferably a current issue and also problem solving. Then such research paper will get a lot of attention.

So how to choose a topic for research paper?

i) Talk to your teachers and friends regarding any ideas they give.

ii) Also see if any of the topics has been interesting to you from long.

iii) Search the web for newspapers, magazines, blogs etc. for any current trending issues.

iv) Go through different publisher sites like Elsevier, Wiley publications, PubMed, WHO, NIH, UN sites etc.

v) Go through government sites and data bases if possible.

From them make a list of few topics to choose. Then evaluate them with regards to feasibility, current interest, ability to collect information, perform studies and other conditions.

After evaluation discuss it with friends, parents or your teacher to finalize one.

Once the topic is chosen you ill be with a question of how to do a research project in case you need to collect experimental data. If not then you can go ahead with just writing to research paper by collecting data from available resources.

2) Research paper outline: This part of the paper should be planned well as it will save a lot of time. If not one has keep editing again to get the desired shape.

In general the research paper outline will have

a) Abstract

b) Research introduction

c) Methods

d) Results and data

e) Discussion

f) Conclusion.

I write scientific research papers so the methods used is a must. But even in other type of paper, the method of data collection is important.

Abstract: The abstract of research paper should be short like max 300 to 500 words. It can be as a single para describing the whole thing or in parts keeping it concise. But it should tell what all the research is about and its conclusion.

Introduction: This part of paper describes the issue, the happenings, and any problems needed to study. It also gives a statement of what and how the paper wishes to accomplish the solution.

Methods: This is the key part of the paper which tells the reliability of research paper and its content.

The better and more advanced methods we use, the more is the value and reliability to the result. So always chose methods which are well accepted, standardized before. This part of the method would include, the procedure used in the process, any requirements like software, reagents, data, books, charts etc. used.

Results and data: This part of the paper adds the weight to the paper. Any one sees (and even purchases ) for this part of the paper. So the results should be neatly mentioned in the form of tables, flow charts, diagrams etc. They should also be explained clearly.

Discussion: This part of the paper tries to convey what the results indicate. Also how they are related to the issue. Any new questions and doubts rising out of the problem. And also the cause and solution to the problem for which study was taken up.

Conclusion: This part of the research paper is precise and short. it is meant to convey the out come of the whole research in simple terms.

References: This the part of the paper which describes the sources from where the matter was collected.

Also any third party or persons findings and studies. This part is important to make the research paper reliable and valid. Every publication or journal has a set style for reference. So one should follow it to comply with them.

3) The journal one wish to publish: If it is a college research paper then this step might not be needed. But if you plan to publish it in a journal, then you need to chose a right journal. This depends on factors like the cost of publication, the technology used in methods, the topic of research etc.

For example is the topic is regarding animals, you cannot publish it in a plant related journal. Also if the topic regarding languages or ethnic groups, you cant publish it is some technological journal. So chose the journal wisely.

4) To make a part of thesis: Some of the times a paper is also written to make it a part of thesis. This specially needed for PhD, Graduate and under graduate students. Here the paper can be as mentioned above. But since it will be like a chapter in the thesis, it should be in continuation with rest of the thesis. The abstract may not be required while the reference can be at the last of thesis like remaining chapters

6) The writing style: The writing style should be preferably as modern Language Association (MLA) style. For more on MLA writing style. This writing style in short is a way to keep away from plagiarism. In this style one needs to include in-text references to the original works of previous publication or research papers.

If you ask how to do a research paper in one night, then i say it is next to impossible. Because it will not be complete and free from plagiarism. Ether you have to copy and paste a lot of the matter from other papers or you have to take help of some experts. Plagiarism is unethical and also illegal so i advice stay away from it.

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