How to go to school & college| best transport ideas

Going to school or college is a daily routine for most of us. Since cities and towns are growing day by day, the distance from homes and schools is also growing. This post is meant to discuss what type of transport we can avail for going to school or college on daily basis with safety, health and comfort as a concern.

Also consider the fact that daily traveling for long distance is not a good option. Traveling itself adds to stress and one gets tired. So if you are young like a school kid, your body tolerates but if you are above 25 years then think again for travel. Try to stay near the place of work or college or school. Or try to find a school or college or work near to your place of stay.

Another problem is pollution. Many scientific studies mention that air pollution, and traffic noise pollution leads to decline in memory of students.

If students reach college or schools without hassles, it will help them stay attentive in the class and also focus on their work.

Every human activity has certain wear and tear on the body. Faster the wear and tear, shorter is the life span. And travel is one of the activities with highest wear and tear of the body.

Also remember travel is quite different than walking. Walking adds to health, But traveling minimizes health.

“ Mahatma Gandhi in his autobiography says that during his graduation he used to walk for few miles (8- 10) to his class in London to save money.  But that habit was solely responsible to keep him healthy even a old age to take up freedom struggle forward by walking from place to place.”

But still most of our school and colleges are located at city outskirts or at a distance place from residence. It is inevitable to travel.

The possible available means of transport to school for most of us include.

a)      Bus i.e. school or college bus:

b)      Trains or metro rails.

c)      Bicycles

d)     Bikes

e)      Cars

f)       Boats in places you need to cross a water resource.

How and why to prefer a particular type of transport.

School bus or college bus: This is most use mode of transport. This has many advantages like

  • Safety: Since you are in bus it is safer to travel than on a bike or bicycle etc.
  • You are less exposed to pollution than on driving a bike.
  • Since you meet your colleagues before even reaching the school or college, your anxiety levels of the day in class will be low.
  • You keep with time and mostly reach the school in time as the buses maintain strict time schedules. You will mostly never be late to the class.
  • If it is a long journey, you can even take a short nap and relax yourself if you did sleep late at night. J
  • The chances of your dress or uniform getting spoiled will be low.
  • You can get chance to read any book in the journey or get ready for exam or class.
  • If you could not eat your breakfast in a hurry, you can do it in the bus.
  • You will be aware of any sudden or instant holidays or programs in the school or college.

Local train or metros: This offer benefits Similar to school or college bus. But be careful while boarding or getting out of train. You may not find suitable or regular seating like in daily school or college bus.

Further you may need to run to the train station daily unlike bus picking you from your place and dropping you back there.

So if one has both train and Bus facility, I think one prefers bus.

Bicycles: If your school or college is near to your place of residence then take a bicycle for journey. This is good for us in many ways like health, activeness, avoid adding to pollution. But still consider the summer heat, traffic, exposure to pollution etc. Comfort and safety matters fist and you also need be pleasant for staying attentive in class.

But if you are residing in a campus (like residential universities) and you need to go to your department or building then prefer to walk or use a bicycle. Avoid using a motorbike or car to avoid pollution and also for safety of others as there will be no traffic rules inside to abide by.

In some residential universities there are regular death incidents of students due to using of motor bikes. This is mostly due to rash driving or improper driving due to lack of traffic rules or control.

And of course many use these motor bikes to impress may be opposite sex or for fantacy. But can win someone even if you do not have a motor bike and fantasy should not be considered over risk to self & others safety.

Boats: This is seen in some places where other modes of transport are nonexistent at affordable price. Still there boats resemble more like a bus or train. But only precaution is one should learn swimming to be ready in case.

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