How to Speak English Fluently | Tips for Amateurs.

English language is one of the largest spoken languages in the world.

The ability to speak in English is an added benefit in education, career, travels, busyness communication etc.

Some face difficulties in speaking the language due to their lack of knowledge of better English. while other face the problems due to regional language speaking style i.e. in non-English speaking countries.

Because of thrust on the students during their schooling, many learn to read and write English.

But their ability to speak may not be so fluent and attractive. So one may face a need to improve their spoken English.

How to Speak English Fluently

Vocabulary: Many have problems in vocabulary. Vocabulary is the set of words one uses in speaking a language. In English there are many words and they have different meaning and sense when used. So one needs to be careful in using vocabulary to improve their spoken English.

Pronunciation: This is the factor in which one faces more trouble. This is seen especially with Asian people. Because of their native language pronunciation they feel difficult in some word to pronounce as to speak english fluently

Fluency: Fluency is one how freely and how fast one uses the proper words required in general communication. For those who speak regularly in english this is not a problem. But who never speak but know the language face some problems in this issue.

Grammar: Grammar is a way of how a person should frame a sentence with proper use of words. This can be biggest problem for the newbies who are trying to learn to speak the english language. For them I advice use of grammarly software.

How to improve spoken english: Few basic speaking tips.

Try to imitate best speakers

Everyone of us learn to speak in a particular language by trying to imitate others since our child hood. So it is better to choose some good speaker in english around us like in work place or watching a television news readers or anchors etc. This help one to easily accustom/ adapt the style for better vocabulary, accent and fluency.

Try to stress the words:

Some people face it difficult to pronounce some words due to the strong influence of their mother tongue. Thus they end as unclear speakers thought they might be good in english knowledge. So the best way is to write down the in  their mother tongue the terms, words or sentences which seem difficult to spell in clear english accent and then try to speak out them in their mother tongue accent.

Talk in English: This is the best tips to improve spoken English. Always try to speak in English in your work place with your colleagues or boss etc. This enhances the confidence, reduces hesitancy to speak in English and also it provides chance to improve your speaking by above methods. If  you don’t speak and just read and memorize the above tips it won’t do any good unless you put into practice. So try to speak in English to your colleagues as much as possible.
For better vocabulary and grammar keep reading daily newspapers, journal etc. Even regular listening to television news readers is a good option to dramatically improve your spoken English.
You may even take a coaching session for the purpose if you need further help. Determination and consistence effort can help one improve spoken English.

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  1. i think the best thing you can do for you to improve your english is by reading novels as well as newspapers

  2. i am vijay sahu i want that such get institute which i can job and own imprve speaking english so please guide .

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