MBA in Finance for a Better Career

MBA in finance is one of the preferred degrees by many students. It can be taken by any one having a graduation degree. The graduation degree can be from any discipline like science, arts, law or even directly from business studies.

But, since MBA is a promising degree for a great career, there is intense competition to get admission in a reputed B-School. Having got an MBA from a reputed school is a plus to acquire an highly paid job.

MBA is a masters degree and can be studied immediately after graduation or during job after graduation.

Currently MBA in Finance is offered as

1. Regular MBA in finance: Here one gets enrolled into a college or university offering MBA course. This is usually of two years duration. For this one may need to qualify an entrance test and also have requisite score in their graduation like above 50% etc. depending on the college or university norms.

This type of MBA course is highly preferred as it gives one to interact directly with faculty, colleagues and also have a practical exposure. The practical exposure involves building up your communication skills, marketing and social skills.

Further these guys have the access to scholarships, campus recruitment which provides lucrative salary jobs. At the end of their final year many companies visit the campus to hire the candidates for employment positions. So they may not need to search for a job after their course.

2. Online MBA: This is another mode of instruction. Here as the name indicates, the course is taught online by use of study material and videos. This is less preferred by those who wish to enroll for MBA immediately after graduation and also by those who wish for practical training.

This is especially designed and suited for those who are already into some job and wish for higher qualification. This mode gradually gaining demand as it removes the hassle of quitting one’s job for studies. This is commonly taken up to improve their education profiles by already working people. But interestingly some of top universities are offering this mode of online MBA. So one need not worry about authenticity of the degree.

But unlike regular MBA, the candidates have less chances of campus placement based on their MBA degree. Once they complete their course, they have to apply for new job or promotion by displaying their higher education qualification.

Thus MBA can be perceived in both online and regular modes.

But PG in finance is not limited to MBA alone. It can be studied as Master of commerce in finance and also as Master of Science in finance. But the roles and aims of these finance courses are a bit different.

M.B.A in finance is one which aims at managing finance resources in business.

M.Sc in finance deals with science of finance and money making.

M.Com in finance deals with accounts and balance sheets.

So candidates with different disciplines can take up finance in their master program to suit their needs in pursuit of future jobs. But on the positive side all the courses have bright job opportunities.

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