Value of Old Books | Think before you donate or sell old used books

Books especially textbooks and notes which we worked with during our education are memorable ones. Even if you open them after many years into a job or even after retirement, memories will be afresh making one happy and pleasant. This is especially so for educationalists and book fans with the hobby of reading books.

But you might encounter some people requesting to donate old books for charity, or they are ready to buy if you can sell old used books. I once thought charity wise and donated some, but now I repent very much. I felt donation must have been monetarily and not by giving those valuable treasure of knowledge, i.e., books.

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Why to not donate or sell old books:

  1. The books of past always are better regarding knowledge than future books. The books which I gave away were related to physics, chemistry, and biology of 10+2. They were almost older by ten years. Recently on seeing the books of a current 10+2 student, it was surprising as these books did not have details of what those books had. The current books were only meant to pass the exams with good grades and not informative or knowledgeable.

I happened to hear one more comment from colleagues that in social studies names of only few freedom fighters were present and many other great fighters were missing in current texts.

It seems quality of books is shifting from knowledge to just purpose.

You may argue with a question that all the information can be found online or libraries etc. But the books our time were so splendid and detailed that all the knowledge of physics, chemistry, botany, zoology were at one place in a single textbook. Further, they were compiled by government-appointed learned educationalists, so the information was reliable and complete.

  1. In case you need to refer during your higher studies like graduation or post graduation or doctoral degree you will have them at hand.
  2. Easy to study: If you are a teacher or lecturer in future you will find them more comfortable and pleasant to review and prepare for classroom delivery from those old books.
  3. These books can also be of use to your future family members to refer and study.

I am not against donations or help others with the books, but donate the money you can earn it quickly if a friend or someone like the books asks him or her to get a photocopy of the book and return immediately.

But do not lose old used books by donating or selling etc. By the way, they can be easily maintained for an extended period by just placing them in suitable cupboards packed in covers or bags.

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