How to make a power point presentation |brief tutorial

A powerPoint presentation is the best way to deliver your seminar or research study to the audience.

It requires no writing and drawing during the presentation. Hence you can spend more time covering the topic and can complete it faster than using a chalkboard or interactive boards.

Further, these slides can be made attractive to impress the audience or judges.

A seminar is attractive to the audience if the presentation gains the first impression.

So PowerPoints help you design an attractive and impressive presentation to keep listeners’ attention for an extended period.

Advantages of PowerPoint presentation:

  1. You can give brief points of your concepts for the listeners to see.
  2. Image or diagrammatic representations can be used for better understanding.
  3. Many audiences can view the presentation by using PowerPoint with a projector.
  4. Since writing is not involved in the presentation, it saves time so that more information can be easily covered in a short time.
  5. Even it is easy for the audience to remember the slide numbers where they had a doubt and ask you the doubt by referring to the slide number. This minimizes disturbance in between the presentation.

How to make a PowerPoint presentation:

In computers with Windows operating system PowerPoint, the presentation is done using Microsoft PowerPoint software which comes with the Microsoft Office suite.

  • First, open a new PowerPoint file onto the desired disk or desktop, etc., giving it a proper name.
  • Then open the file, and the first thing is to add a slide by clicking on the center space.
How to make a power point presentation
  • Then click on the design tab at the top to select a template for your slides. If you are not satisfied with the available list. Then you can browse online for more new templates as per your requirement at
  • Once your template is selected, add a title to the presentation and your or the presenter’s name and others’ names, if required, the qualification or position in the job, etc.
  • Then click on the Home tab, and you will find a new slide option on the home tab. On clicking it, you will see options for slides like title, blank, and picture, for comparison like slides. Mostly you will need a blank title+ and content; picture slides to select for your presentation.
  • So start filling your content on the slides with suitable slide selections. In case you need to insert an image, you will use a picture slide. Clicking the picture area opens a window to browse for the image you want to add there.
  • You can even try to include animation for pictures or diagrams to slide onto the slide during the presentation as required.
  • You need not worry about selecting slides sequentially. After filling in the content, you can shift the slides among them to the proper place.
  • In the end, conclude your presentation with any references, if any, and end with a ‘Thank You.’
  • Do not forget to include slide numbers, preferably at the bottom.

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