Synchronise your data files using free pc sync software

If one has two or more computers to work with, like a pc at home and an another computer in office, then there is always a requirement for effective files and data transfer without any loss. And since the data needs to be carried in between the multiple pc’s using an external hard drive then it will be tedious to do so effectively without mistakes. There are many chances of accidental deletion, improper copying of files, wrong replacement or sometimes you miss to carry some files which can make the day unhappy due to chances like interruption or delay in work. So to avoid thus problem a free pc sync software is provided by Microsoft free of cost namely syncToy.

PC sync software usage:

1. First download the free software from Microsoft website based on your system configuration like 32 bit or 64  bit etc.

2. During installation, it asks you to make two sync folders namely left and right folder. Left folder can be assigned to your home pc with a new folder named properly. Then Right folder can be created into your hard disk or flash drive with similar name to left folder.

3. Then you need to install once more the same software into you office computer. The folder to be created here with left folder into your office computer with a similar naming to that of your home pc folder syn. Next right folder should be the same folder you created in the step 1 of your hard drive.

4. Once you connect your hard drive to your home pc after your work, press syncToy start-up icon. The window on open shows option like “preview” and “run”. So click preview button to see the list of files modified or created new in your home pc. Then if you click run, all the files in your hard drive are copied and matched to that of pc ‘s  sync folder. Any unwanted or repeated files are sent to recycle bin to check back if you like to. Thus both folders of home pc and flash drive are synchronised.

5.  Once you reach your office pc  then connect your flash drive and again click syncToy start-up icon. This opens as above and when you click “preview” it shows file differences in both office computer and flash drive or hard disk. Press run and both folders are synchronised.

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