TOEFL APP; For practice on Android Iphone & Ipad

If you are preparing for a TOEFL exam, then you must be finding it hard to score better.

Besides reading from books, one need to have test solving skill.

Since the exam comprises of different sections, one needs to be habituated before. Or else you may feel a bit nervous to answer for the first time.

To help with this it would be a good option to have TOEFL APP to practice the tests before hand.

There are some other TOEFL Apps but on from zinkerz is better one. This zinkerz for TOEFL is free for download.

This TOEFL APP has

  1. Simulated exams to take a test
  2. Solution and explanations in detail (helps to know why your answers were wrong)
  3. Performance reports (score to help you know where you stand with your preparation)
  4. Tips to enhance your score
  5. Hundreds of questions to practice.

The App is said to have been designed to attempt all the four areas of the test like listening, reading, speaking and writing.

There are a also set of daily tasks to take on by the user. This can help improve your TOEFL score gradually. Also since it puts a compulsion, i can make you focus better without diversions from study.

The tests are designed in a similar way to TOEFL like having objective questions.

Besides after one starts taking tests over it, the App can determine the areas of the chapter where you are weak. So you can focus better there to enhance your scores.

The developer claim this TOEFL APP to be best in the market as it comprises of all aspects of TOEFL Test.

It is available for download on the android and iphone operating systems. So it is worth to have the App on your mobiles and tablets.

Since it is handy, one can practice the test  even in leisure and out doors.

To download the TOEFL APP go to

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