6 Types of Scholarships| For National & International Students

Scholarships are the hope for many students to perceive higher education.

They help us complete our education and fulfill the task of research effectively. Scholarships also help us to overcome the requirement to work on a part-time basis for financial support.

There are many types of scholarships, and you may be aware of a few around. It is a common thought that scholarships are meant only for research and education aimed at meritorious students.

But interestingly, one can also avail of scholarships for perceiving arts, for being weak in academics, or even for socially underprivileged.

Many countries also offer different types of scholarships for students of different nations based on their economic status.

Below we will see all the possible types of scholarships

Types of Scholarships.

1. For creative arts.

If you wish to perceive a career in arts, then there are scholarships to support it. But these scholarships are few when compared to those aimed at science, technology, and medical research.

Scholarships are given to arts like painting, drawing, sculpture, etc. One such scholarship is from the Elizabeth Green shields Foundation.

2. For academics

This is a common type of scholarship that most of us might have heard of. Scholarships are offered by almost all nations for their students to perceive higher studies.

Also, there are many scholarships in the UK, Canada, the United States, etc., to attract international students.

The academic scholarships can be differentiated as those for undergraduates, graduates (perceiving master’s degree), doctoral research scholars and also post-doctoral fellows.

These are meant for both men and women, and the criteria adopted for selection are merit in most cases and a proven track record.

3. Research scholarships

These are scholarships aimed at promoting research.

Many private industries and also governments promote these research scholarships.

The aim is to improve exciting technology, health care, and also standards of living. 

In most cases, we notice that academic and research scholarships overlay each other.

Among the research, the scholarships are further differentiated for the type like health care, technology, agriculture, defense, etc.

National institute of health (NIH), the World health organization, and other funding bodies of health welfare in different countries offer research scholarships for health care.

The research scholarships are awarded based on merit and also their contribution in terms of discovery, findings, patents, and publications.

4. Encouragement scholarships

This is a scholarship for encouraging some useful technology.

For Example, Google offers some scholarships for undergraduate students from all over the world.

The scholarships are given after assessing the student’s capability in coding and other software-related technology.

If qualified, Google offers handsome scholarships for students for the entire tenure of their studies.

Here the intention is to encourage technology in brilliant minds and also let them complete their education.

The company has no benefit from the student’s education or university.

It just encourages the students towards software.

See Google code scholarships for an idea.

5. For women

There are also many scholarships meant to enhance women’s education and welfare.

Most countries encourage women through these scholarships.

The scholarships will be solely meant for women (rare) in some cases, while like in most cases aimed at women besides others (many).

Check out the Buick achievers scholarship by GE to encourage women.

The scholarships are aimed at women to encourage education and research.

Though there will be no official rules to reserve some scholarships for women, we can still notice women being selected and preferred.

Since they carry the major responsibility of family keeping, they tend to get lagged behind in careers more than men.

So such women’s encouragement is given to return back to education and move ahead in my career.

6. For economically backward

Also, there are scholarships for economically disadvantaged people.

In some countries, the government frames a few scholarships aimed at promoting education in a particular region or part of the nation based on the economic status there.

This is to encourage students from these social backgrounds to perceive higher education.

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  1. Am a grade 12 leaves so please can I apply for any scholarship to futhur my studies. …social science student ..

    • FROM WHICH COUNTRY YOU BELONG TO.CHECK OUT FOR SCHOLARSHIPS FROM YOUR NATION.If not try to get abroad. As such there a very few international scholarships for those without graduation.Having a degree opens a lot of chances for fellowship.


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