How to Utilize Time in Bus for College, School for Better

It is a practice nowadays that we keep regularly traveling to school, college, or office in the bus or train to reach the destiny.

Sometimes we might be on a long journey to some tour or place like in a flight or train.

This generally requires a good time the cities and towns are growing bigger.

Also, the schools, colleges, and offices are shifted to locate in outskirts of the cities to have a pollution-free environment.

This journey to college or office is a good time that goes waste by sleep or chat or just non-constructive thoughts.

So we can use the time of travel in a beneficial way to our success or other goals or needs. Below we will see how we can utilize this valuable time.

How to Utilize Time in Bus

First, what are the chances and limitations?

1. You need to stay in a confined place the whole time just being seated.

2. Unable to write efficiently on paper.

3. And some times heavy noise around.

So what are the works to do in the journey?

1. Reading: This may not be so comfortable job unless it is a magazine or newspaper than regular class notes or office assignments. So it is good to read an interesting novel or newspaper during the time as this makes you engaged, knowledgeable and also a bit relaxed without the tension of college, school, or office work. Getting tension-free or stress-free is a great way to go to the office. Further, you might be tensed of some assignment or getting ready to catch bus, etc. This goes away to some extent if you read something interesting.

2. Writing: As we know, it is not a convenient way to write as there will be a small number of shakes and jerks in handwriting if traveled by bus, train except on a flight. So the options to write are using an electronic device like an iPad or tablet are a cell phone. This has specific buttons and problems of clear handwriting are not there. Further, they are so handy to carry and the chance to store large amounts of work is present due to huge memory in them.

3. Sleeping: If you are good at sleeping then this is the best time (but preference should be too long journeys) because this is a time where no one disturbs you except the vehicle noise or light in the premises. So use eye masks to avoid light disturbance and a piece of cotton in the ears.

In case you don’t get sleep then I advise you to read a book as this is a good sleep inducer for almost anyone sleep. Other supporters of sleep are heavy meals, milk, and of course some wine, champagne, and other beverages (not advisable to school and college children).

But also this is more comfortable if the seats are suitable for it and also carry a blanket if you don’t expect from the travel personnel.

What are the hobbies which can be cultivated in journeys:

Writing: If you like to write articles, poems, or anything else, this is a good place to do because though you have noise around, the distraction is low here.

Reading: This is also the best hobby to cultivate here. You can read motivating books, books to enhance personnel communication, tips to do something or other, books on daily life events like in reader’s digest, etc..

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