What to do or study after M.S in Biology, Physics and Chemistry

Many students opt for M.S after their B.S This is mostly due to a desire to have higher qualifications as just graduation is not valuable. Sometimes it is also due to a desire to go for research out of interest or just to study as one didn’t find a good job.

After B.S. some also opt for M.S. with a thought that one can prepare for other competitive exams like civil services etc. besides perceiving M.S.

So what to study after M.S. is again a question for those who just moved on to M.S. after B.S.

Options for what to do after M.S includewhat to do after Msc

  1. Go for a PhD.
  2. Go for the industry if you get a placement.
  3. Apply for scientific assistant posts in research institutes.
  4. Go for teaching.
  5. Try for banking jobs.
  6. Try for civil services


This is what many people opt for if they have a chance. This paves way for potential research skills.

For this, they need to qualify entrance exams so as to be eligible for admission to the Ph.D. programs in reputed universities and also will be provided with a monthly fellowship from government bodies.


This is a good option but many consider it to be difficult to find one. The common industries one can try for are like pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agriculture, food, dairy like industries. If one can have contact or try through some consultancy they will be able to get a call for an interview and also may qualify for the job.


This is another area where your subject can be put to use. There are many research institutes willing to hire scientific and technical assistants for helping scientists in their work.


This is a good area to find a decent job if one has the interest to teach school students. There are many schools which pay very well to persons with good teaching caliber. The teaching can be for Mathematics, physics, chemistry, zoology, botany, etc.


This is also a good option but has a good amount of dealing with the public. The common jobs in banks for M.S. people include field officers to help in the evaluation of loan admissible to farmers based on irrigation, yield, crop type, etc.


This is an option where many people think to go but getting in seems to be unlikely. So those with confidence and determination can try to succeed in these exams. They can also do some part time jobs based on their M.S. qualification and prepare for civil service exams at central and state government levels.

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  1. i am debasmita mohanty doing my M.Sc in biotechnology in KIIT university,Bhubaneswar.now I am in my last semester project work in IISC Bangalore.I am very much confused about my further carrier.I am getting confuse what to do next.please help me to find out the exact way of my life.


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