Difference between Ion and Atom

Ions of sodium and chloride in water

The difference between ion and atom are given in the table below. But before that one needs to be clear of what is an atom and ion. Atom is the basic unit of matter. A group of atoms makes up matter. These atoms have a nucleus, with protons and neutrons in it. This nucleus is […]

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The Stages of Mitosis in Detail with Figures

the stages of mitosis

A cell divides by two processes namely the mitosis and meiosis. Of them mitosis is quite common as most types of cells undergo division by this methods. Where as meiosis is limited to very few cells like the reproductive cells. Stages of mitosis include Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase Cell division is the breakdown of the […]

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What is Endnote and How to Use It

what is endnote

An EndNote is a reference software which helps to edit references with ease. If you are a student, scientist or a researcher with some professional writing requirements, you may need a reference software. It was a huge struggle and time waste for me in managing references while writing a research paper before the introduction of […]

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