Eye Anatomy and Physiology a Complete Detail

Eye Anatomy

An eye is the camera of Human body, perceiving the light energy, converting it into electrical energy, thereby helping us to ‘’see‘’. It is one of the five sense organs that a human has. The shape of eyeballs are not spheroid but an oblate spheroid, i.e. Two spheres superimposed on each other. The cornea is […]

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Types of Magnet |Their Differences with Examples

types of magnet

Magnets are objects that produce a force that attracts other ferromagnetic materials, like iron. They also either attract or repel other magnets. These magnets are broadly classified into 3 types like Permanent magnet Induced magnet Electromagnet Ancient people learned about magnetism when they discovered lodestones (or magnetite) which are naturally magnetized pieces of iron ore. […]

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Brain Parts and its Functions | A Complete Guide

Brain Parts and Functions

The brain is the principal organs that run our body. It is protected inside the skull and is the central part of the nervous system. It is classified as a part of the Central Nervous System (CNS) along with the spinal cord. The peripheral nervous system (PNS) comprises of the spinal nerves that branch out […]

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Difference between Ion and Atom

Ions of sodium and chloride in water

The difference between ion and atom are given in the table below. But before that one needs to be clear of what is an atom and ion. Atom is the basic unit of matter. A group of atoms makes up matter. These atoms have a nucleus, with protons and neutrons in it. This nucleus is […]

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The Stages of Mitosis in Detail with Figures

the stages of mitosis

A cell divides by two processes namely the mitosis and meiosis. Of them mitosis is quite common as most types of cells undergo division by this methods. Where as meiosis is limited to very few cells like the reproductive cells. Stages of mitosis include Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase Cell division is the breakdown of the […]

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