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Microbiology is the subject which deals with study of microbes and their effects on the body. It also tells how to handle the microorganisms for human use

Types of Immune Cells | Their Role in Body Defense

Types of Immune Cells

There are different types of immune cells in the body like Lymphocytes Monocytes and macrophages Basophils Neutrophils Eosinophils The cells of the immune system attack the disease-causing agents like microorganisms, parasites and prevent infections. Some of the cells work by neutralization of foreign material. While others eat and destroy the disease-causing microbes. But few of […]

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Sterilization Validation | Protocol and Process

Sterilization aims to destroy all the viable forms of microbes. This process is done on routine basis in industry for many products. So to check the efficiency and effectiveness of sterilization, some probes are used to verify it. This is called validation of sterilization. This is done for all methods of sterilization. However, there are […]

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How do Bacteria Reproduce? Rapidly & Quickly

how does bacteria reproduce

Bacteria are the immortal organisms on the earth. They reproduce instead of being dead. They reproduce very fast that, a colony of bacteria will double in just half an hour. Hence they can perform many duties on the earth like scavenging the dead and waste. In fermenting the molasses and rapid yield in biotechnology etc. […]

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12 Distinguishing Characteristics of Bacteria

distinguishing characteristics of bacteria

Bacteria are the microorganisms on the earth with unique features. The external and internal characteristics of bacteria are a bit different from the rest of the organisms on the earth. They are prokaryotic in nature meaning they are the earliest forms of the cell without a nucleus. These characters make them immortal, omnipresent and also […]

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Bacterial cell wall | Its Structure and Function

The bacteria cell wall is an important structure which is rigid and non living envelop around the cell. It is present just above the cell membrane and gives a specific shaped to the cell. Because of this cell wall, bacteria can survive harshest environmental conditions like the drought, heat, chemical exposure, pressure, etc. If the […]

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