What is Endnote and How to Use It

what is endnote

An EndNote is a reference software which helps to edit references with ease. If you are a student, scientist or a researcher with some professional writing requirements, you may need a reference software. It was a huge struggle and time waste for me in managing references while writing a research paper before the introduction of […]

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Limit Test for Iron with Principle and Procedure

Limit test for iron

Limit test for iron is a semi-quantitative test used to check the iron impurities in an official sample. Principle: This test is based on the reaction of thioglycolic acid with iron in the given sample. A purple colored ferrous thioglycolate salt is formed. The color intensity is compared with that of a standard substance containing […]

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Limit Test for Sulphates Principle and Experimental Procedure

Limit test for sulphates

Limit test for sulphates is based on the principal of precipitation of sulfate ions by barium chloride. It is done to check the extent of sulfate impurities in officially prepared products. Principle: The test depends on the interaction between the sulfate ions with the barium chloride in the presence of hydrochloric acid. BaCl2 + SO42———————> […]

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Bacteria structure with Diagram and Functions

Bacteria structure

Bacteria structure is extremely small, microscopic and unicellular. They were discovered by Anton von Leeuwenhoek in the year 1676. Their size varies between 1 to 5 microns in length, but some of them are as big as 80 microns in length. Bacteria cell structure Bacteria is a prokaryotic cell. It is enveloped by three layers […]

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