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The technology has rapidly grown in the recent past. With this the education system also has got many changes in terms of teaching, learning, exams etc.

What is Endnote and How to Use It

what is endnote

An EndNote is a reference software which helps to edit references with ease. If you are a student, scientist or a researcher with some professional writing requirements, you may need a reference software. It was a huge struggle and time waste for me in managing references while writing a research paper before the introduction of […]

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Academic Software | Role of Software in Education

Education Software’s find many uses in education like as teaching aids for a teacher, for better understanding in the form of videos, animations, for taking pictures or diagrams, for analysis of data, etc. Even there are many apps developed for use over smartphones related to education and studies. This academic software makes the process of study […]

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5 Uses of External Hard Disk

Hard Disk

Planning to buy an external hard disk? Then go ahead and buy one because the uses of external hard disk are well worth in having them. But while buying be careful to choose a better one from among those available companies. If you are not tempted to buy one at present still read the uses. Because […]

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