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Study skills are essential during education for better performance and gaining sufficient knowledge.

Student Discipline | Its Benefits at School, Career and in Life

Student Discipline

As a student, individuals must have discipline in their studies if they will succeed. As one person once wrote, “Life without discipline is like a ship without a rudder.” People cannot get where they want to be if they do not have the discipline to follow through. Besides, people need it if they will express […]

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When is the Best Time to Study| 5 Tips to Ease your Brain

how to study

Studying in right time helps us to understand better and also remember it for long. I personally prefer to study during the early morning hours. In the early hours, the mind is fresh and devoid of stress. Hence it is clear and in a receiving mode. Also there will be little distractions due to silence […]

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Best Study Tips| 6 Skills Helpful for Students

# 1 Best Study Tips

Education is a mandatory asset in everyone’s life. So one is required to attain good level of knowledge by studying. But in education system, the study skills and techniques are vital to excel better. Scoring good grades is needed for scholarships, higher studies in reputed institutes. But not all of us have inherent qualities to excel well […]

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How to Study for an Exam Effectively| 8 Easy Tips

How to Study for an Exam effectively

Exam is the anxious part of school and college days. Many experience confusion and are under stress due to exams. The reason being a tendency to score well while there is lack of effective preparation. But scoring is a test of one’s ability and also a recognition in the school. So everyone tends to be […]

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How to study and understand|Theory Subjects

How to study and understand

The basic concept of education is to understand the world around you. This understanding brings in maturity of the mind and makes you a learned person. The understanding is needed in science, maths, languages, social studies etc. Education without understanding is a waste of time. And getting qualified in exams and obtaining a degree without […]

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How to Prepare for Competitive Exam Without Coaching

If you are preparing for an exam to qualify for a scholarships or any jobs after graduation you tend to take the help of coaching institutes. If you are not interested to pay heavy fee to the coaching centers, or if there are no proper coaching institutes around, then preparation for competitive exams will be tough. […]

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How to Understand What you Read? Tips for Self Study

During childhood,  we just mug up and try to remember our subjects to pass our exams. But with maturity one realizes that study is to absorb things into the mind and try to understand the concepts so as to apply in future. A guy who understands subjects most  thoroughly can face any competitive exams in an […]

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