Healthcare Careers| 10 Types and their Scope

Career in health care is one of the best professions.

There are many types of careers in healthcare.

This is a field which is quite stable jobs and less subjected to economic recessions.

The salaries are generally very high and promising. Further this filed is also one which derives respect from the society.

However the field is a bit stringent with respect to rules and laws to be followed.

Since it is the risk to human directly involved due to negligence or poor quality of service, one has to adhere strictly to the norms and terms of service.

But since most of the procedures are prefixed and one has to follow standard operating procedures, the risk is minimized greatly. So it would not be difficult for one to take up health care jobs for his career.

One can get into health care with a professional degree from a recognized university.

Types of Healthcare Careers

1. As a physician (doctor): To many the thought of health care brings the idea of a doctor or a physician at first place. Many prefer to become physician if interested in biological sciences. A physician is one who diagnoses the patient for his disease condition and prescribes suitable remedy. He even takes the help of a lab technician to diagnose the symptoms by using latest tools and decides the condition. He may even require a nurse to monitor the patient and also see that he takes the medicine in time. The physician can have his own nursing home or clinic or even practices his profession in a government health centers. The physician is expert with the prognosis and diagnosis of the disease and the available medicine to cure it.Health Care Careers types

To have a career as a doctor one has to perceive a degree in medicine. The degree is one of the most expensive one available. It is available as an MBBS degree or MD (US) degree. This may be perceived with self financing or by the support of government. It would be easy to get good grades and enroll for a admission at a medical school. The graduate medical education provides an exposure to both medicine and surgery. But one needs proper training before he establishes himself as a practitioner.

2. As surgeon: This is an art more than studies in medicine. Since it involves direct operation on human body, one needs to be an expert and conduct it under others supervision. One gets an exposure in surgery during degree in medicine but still he may need a post graduation degree for better skill. he can establish himself in particular section of surgery like cardiologist, oncologist, gynecologist etc. The course one can take up after degree in medicine would be MS in surgery.

3. Veterinary doctors: This as the name indicates the career in health care of animals.

To be a veterinary physician one needs to have a degree in veterinary medical sciences.

This is a bit less risky and cumbersome than other physician duties. They treat diseases of pet animals, cattle, zoo and even forest animals if required.

4. Nurse: This is the one career which many women would like to perceive. It is like a humanitarian service besides being in job at regular basis.

One can study bachelor of science in nursing to move further. For higher education one may also take up Master of science in nursing.

The career involves working in an hospital or a clinic of a medical practitioner (doctor). The job would be to monitor the patients under treatment.

They check for their progress in treatment and also any side effects or untoward health issues.

5. Pharmacist: This is a career in health care which relies on medicines and also the prescribing habits of the doctors. They are involved in drug dispensing and list out any side effects of the drugs. Pharmacists advice both the doctors and also the patients regarding the safety and usability of medicines. They can work at their own pharmacy store or in a hospital to check what medicines are dispensed. It is their responsibility to advice doctors regarding possible side effects and safety. On the other hand they need to advice the patients regarding how to use the medicine.

6. Lab technician: Medical lab technicians are also in good demand due to their ability to diagnose the disease accurately. They need experience various diagnostic tools and methods. They can establish their own diagnostic center or work in a hospital. But they will need assistance of qualified doctor.

7. As scientists: These are health experts involved in research of diseases, causative agents, mechanism of pathology and techniques of diagnosis. Further they are involved in research for suitable medicine for the new diseases.

They make plans on how to control the epidemics and mass therapeutic programs like tuberculosis, malaria, vaccination etc. They even check how certain treatment methods are effective and even design them for effective control of the diseases.

Any one with a degree in medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine can opt for scientist posts. They work for the governments and sometimes in private sector.

8. As industry experts. These people are involved in manufacture, testing and packing of medicines, diagnostic kits. They are also involved in making suitable drug formulation like tablets, syrups, ointment, parenteral (injection) preparation. They even make formulation to reach the site of action. They are responsible to meet the market demand of drugs in market.

9. Drug regulatory officers: This is a career in health care under the governments control. The job involves to check if health care professionals comply with the norms and laws regarding health of the land. In general they check retail pharmacy stores, the drug manufacturing industries and also imports and exports. They work as drug inspectors, drug regulatory authorities and also analysts.

The drug inspector are involved in inspection of the premises and report to regulatory authorities, While regulatory authorities frame suitable rules and also take action against violations. While the analysts analyze the samples sent by the drug inspectors. They take the help of courts and also the police in case of requirement to preform their duties.

10. Management: Careers in healthcare management is offered at post graduation level. One with a degree in medicine or pharmacy can take up a MBA in health care to study. The job mostly involves monitoring of health care units like a big hospital or a drug manufacturing industry.

Thus there are many types of careers in healthcare is quite diverse and also one of the best career due to its potential.

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