Masters Degree Jobs List | In Industry and other fields

Industrial jobs are a safe option after MS or BS for those looking to get into a job.

Unlike government jobs or research which require to qualify exams or research publications, industrial jobs require individual effort and service to the company.

Further industries are long-term establishments that can provide job opportunities for life.

Gaining experience counts and one can shift from one company to another for higher pay and also promotions.

On the other hand, there are many new industries coming up in the recent past, so industrial job vacancies are quite many.

Industries besides salaries offer bonuses, overtime pay like benefits which are rewards for hard work.

So immediately after MS or BS, one can try for an industrial job for a secure career.

The work includes mostly regulation of the manufacture, production, coating, quality control, analysis, filling, packing, sealing, and labeling sort of duties.

In the manufacturing industry: The manufacturing industry is a stable one. Since it meets the demands of the market, it always has a business. So one who gets into the manufacturing industry can have a stable career. Masters Degree Jobs List

There are many industries involved in manufacture. Some of them include drugs, foods, cosmetics, home appliances, pesticides, chemicals, seeds, leather, sugar, petroleum, chemical industries. These industries recruit preferably MS and BS graduates as they have a better knowledge of science. Since most of the manufacturing methods are scientific, for them science graduates are suitable. MS graduates get promotions better than BS graduates in the industry with experience.

In the research industry:

Research is an aspect that provides for growth in business. It aims for better products, inexpensive means, and also better income for the company. The industries involved in research of substance for human use recruit science graduates preferably. The industries involved in drug research recruit MS graduates for clinical trials, pre-clinical trials, statistics, and documentation sort of activities.

In analytical sections: Analysis is a part of manufacturing that aims to determine the quality, effectiveness, and safety of the product to the end-user. The analysis is a scientific method that goes for qualitative and quantitative analysis. Most companies involved in just analysis or testing samples require science graduates as analysts.

KPO: The full form is knowledge process outsourcing. These are the companies that work for other companies’ growth, establishment, marketing, and planning. That is if a company wants to get some data analyzed regarding its prospective market, it can take the help of KPO’s to get it done for them. So the job is like a desk job and paid well.

These KPO companies take up market analysis for any product or service and give a detailed view to companies. So the graduates in the field of science having knowledge of the law, statistics will be a better fit.Masters Degree Jobs List

In the banking sector: Another area where science graduates can opt for jobs is in the banking sector. The banking sector can accommodate any graduate with brains. But for the science graduates are especially preferred in positions like insurance, loan managers especially for agriculture, industry-related, etc. Here one can take up a job for positions like field officers, managers, etc after graduation.

In the insurance company: Insurance companies recruit science graduates for certain staff positions. This especially related to health insurance, agriculture insurance, etc.

So one be sure of various job opportunities after graduation but they must be updated regarding the offers. For this one can create a profile on employment sites. to be able to get the latest offers of requirements from the industrial sector.

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