Advantages of Discussion| Ideas for studies & exam preparation

Did you notice that students of one particular coaching institute topmost in the exams than students who study individually?

Ever noticed even small companies have frequent meetings among the employees.

Ever seen two or more students discuss or talk about some subject.

When there is an interview for jobs, group discussions are conducted to select worthy candidates.

This discussion is a human tendency.

We discuss many topics if there is a chance. Some will be useful for our growth but some will be useless and a waste of time.

But for students, the advantages of discussion are quite high in their studies and exam preparation. Students generally chit chat much and the same habit can be diverted to study and succeed in exams.

Advantages of discussion for studies & in exam preparation:

1. Better memory of the topic discussed than reading the topic on his or her own.

2. A better understanding of the subject as everyone’s viewpoint of the topic is disclosed in the discussion.

3. Faster coverage of the syllabus.

4. Creates a mindset for common goals and improves focus on achievements.

5. Gives more awareness of books, like which are better and which are not for reference to a subject. As one cannot have all the information, he will acquire more by discussion.

6. If preparing for exam people in a group can make out a plan on how to complete the entire syllabus.

Ideas for discussion:

1. In a group see that those who have better command on some subject will give his ideas on the topic after going through. This helps all others learn, understand better besides classroom teaching.

2. Try to meet in a place suitable for everyone without external distractions.

3. Always share some work in between like one see that text while others see another. One explains diagrams while others make a table or chart for easy study or memorization.

4. Try to be consistent punctual and keep up any goals or tasks decided to be done.

5. Try to be in touch with other groups to get more ideas or information through online discussion forums etc.

6. One need not always insist on having only an expert or highly versed guys in a group. If you find it is well and good if not try to work out with anyone who is ambitious.

At the end, the amount of effort put up and work done matters in studies to achieve success not just groups, intelligence, etc.

So try to combine intelligence, discussion, and hard work for your success.