12 Difference Between Mitosis and Meiosis

Cell division is an important process of life.

No animal or plant would survive and grow without cell division.

It is present in almost all the form of living beings except in few cells like nerve cells of animals.

This cell division is of two types as mitosis and meiosis.

Before going to differences, it is important to read the details on mitosis and meiosis

difference between mitosis and meiosis

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OccurrenceIt is occurs in both Haploid cells and diploid cellsIt occurs only in diploid cells.
Type of cell involvedAll body cells or vegetative cells or somatic cells are involved.It occurs only in reproductive cells or germinal cells.
Nucleus divisionNucleus divides onceHere nucleus divides twice to produce 4 nucelii
Similarities of daughter cellsDaughter cells are identical to mother cellsDaughter cells are not identical
number of cell formed.Two daughter cells are formed.Four daughter cells are formed.
ProphaseProphase is simpleProphase is complicated with many steps.
Chromosome pairingChromosomes do not pairHomologous chromosomes (similar) pair to form bivalent one's.
Chiasmata and crossing overChiasmata is absent, Also there is no crossing overChiasmata present . Crossing over between non-sister chromatids occurs.
CentromeresCentromeres undergo divison in anaphasecentroemeres do not divide in anaphase-1 but divide in anaphase-2
Chromosome number in daughter cellsChromosome number in daughter cell is unchanged.Chromosome number is reduced to half of the parent cell.
Time duration for processThe entire cell divion is short comparatively.Duration of cell divison is very large as it involves many steps..
UsesFor growth of body and in lower forms like bacteria, to multiply organism numbers.To help in gamet formation for sexual reproduction.

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