Differences Between Chromosomes and Chromatids

Chromosomes are genetic material present in the cell nucleus. Chromatids are the parts of the chromosome present as two arms. Differences Between Chromosomes and Chromatids

Sl. NoCharacteristicsChromosomesChromatids
1BasicThey are nuclear components that play
a vital role in heredity, mutation, variation, and evolutionary development of
the species
These are part of
chromosomes. During mitosis,
the chromosomes have two
symmetrical structures called
2OCCURRENCEThe chromosome occurs throughout the cell’s life cycle.Chromatids are seen or observed when there is mitosis or meiosis
3REPLICATIONThe chromosomes are
capable of self -replication.
The chromatids do not self replicate or duplicate at their
4AMOUNT OF DNAThe chromosomes are tightly packed with DNA. The DNA is found in the chromosome
throughout its structure.
The chromatids help in the unwinding of DNA during the
replication process.
The chromosome lacks this.
Homologous chromosomes
may have different forms of a trait with one copy of a gene from the parent.
The chromatids have the same copies of each other.
6CENTROMEREChromosomes have
centromere in their structure.
They usually do not have a centromere in their structure.
But the sister chromatids
posses centromere.
7FUNCTIONThe chromosomes are the genetic material of the cell. It helps in the heredity and
evolution of species .
The chromatid, on the other hand, helps the cell to duplicate and pass on in the next generation.
The DNA of the chromosome in this synthesis of macromolecule is not usedThe DNA of the chromatids are used up during this
process of synthesis.
9DNA MOLECULEthe chromosomes have a linear set of gene or DNA in its
Each chromatid bears a single
DNA molecule.
10COILINGThe chromosomes are
extensively coiled with a protein called chromatin.
The chromatids are less coiled in comparison with
11INTERDEPENDENCEThe chromosomes are independent nuclear material.The chromatids are the units of
chromosomes. They are dependent on chromosomes.

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