Importance of Insects| To man, Environment & Agriculture

Insects are the set of animals which man could never over take.

They are so robust and widely distributed.

Some of the insects are harmful as they cause diseases and even act as long standing parasites to humans and animals.

While, many of them are harmless.

But interestingly, few of them are also useful to humans.

Importance of Insects can be read as those for man, agriculture and even the environment.

Importance of Insects to man:

a. For food. Many insects are consumed as food by humans.

b. For medicine: Poison from spiders, scorpions is used in chronic pain relief and also to treat muscular dystrophy.

c. For silk cloth: Silk from silkworm is an expensive fiber. This fiber is used in making beautiful clothing material. The industry which relies on this is called as agriculture.

d. For lac production. Lac is produced from lac insect. This lac is used in making toys, paints and other valuable products.

Importance of Insects in agriculture:

a. For pollination: Insects get attracted by flowers and reach them to suck nectar. In doing so, the pollen grains from flowers (male gametes) get attached to them. When they visit next flower, these pollen are shed. Thus they help in cross pollination of plants in agriculture. Thus they help in improving the yield of crops.importance of insects

b. Pest control: Insects like lady bugs eat up aphids and other insect larva which grow on crops.

Thus these lady bugs act as pest killers to save the crop from destruction.

c. Honey: Some farmers even rare honey bees to produce honey in their farms. Thus growing honey bees will increase the revenue of the farmers.

Importance of Insects to environment:

a. Pollination: Like in agriculture, insects help in cross pollination of plants in environment.

b. Scavengers: Many insects eat up or carry away dead and decaying matter. Thus they consume them and clear of any waste matter from the environment. Ex: antsfood insects

c. Food for other animals: Many insects live on grass and plants for food. But in-turn they become prey to many birds, amphibians, fishes, lizards and other animals. Thus they act to supply food to the members of food chain.

Hence we can notice that during or around rainy season, many insects reproduce and multiply a lot. At the same time, many birds go for hatching their young ones. This time is ver suitable as the mother bird can feed its babies with vastly available insects.

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