What Career is Right for Me ? 10 Things to Consider and Decide

Having a peaceful and prosperous career is a dream for many.

But because of so many changes in education, job, and career options, one faces much confusion to decide on how his career can be peaceful yet prosperous.

Some thought running off to anywhere to make a lump sum salary is the best career idea. Others get into small jobs around their home town and seem to lead a contented life.

Few think to stay at their native place quitting his education or career prospects lying in distant places. But what can be the right choice?

What Career is Right for Me |Things to consider

Family: We being social animals, many of us will not be able to live without it. At times of our study, we might plan to study in a distance place due to the quality education factor. But after education, again the chances of finding a career in distance land is very possible. This leads to the weakening of family in many cases. There were many instances that people couldn’t attend their elder’s funeral, the marriage of other family members, etc.

Health: A person who has grown and brought up at one place with certain food habits always suffer from improper nutrition in new places. Yet for sake of career, they forego these luxuries. What Career is Right for Me

But if health is not taken care of at a young age, it will be difficult to correct later. Even we see many cases where people get chronic diseases like diabetes even below or around the thirties. This is also due to malnutrition and also intense stress of staying away from home for long.

Finances: This is the prime reason why people run away abroad. They wish to save their salary by keeping their expenses limited and send remaining to homes to make home rich due to the currency conversion factor. But how long one can continue so? Even there are many staying in home towns and making thousands of dollars yet are with their families.

Interest-based career: Some run away to different educations like astrobiology or other different courses to pose they have special interests. Yet you can see many great inventors and discoveries being in rural places. These people have even gained huge fame for their discoveries.

What Career is Right for Me

These are the criteria of conditions one can see in those who go for distant places for work and money.

Affinity based: Like if you like nature, a lot of peace of mind, no politics like career, then it is good to take up agriculture.

Those who give up and stay at home: These are very few sets of guys who have some education and latter quit to pursue or get into a job. These kinds of guys have some small family-based income sources and fully concentrate on it for betterment.

1. They have no work so they don’t waste their brains, efforts for others benefits and hence give 100% of their time for families or personal interests.

2. These people may have a low income yet they are content with it and not demanding. They don’t spend more money on mobile chatting, internet, gadgets, etc.

3. They try to make use of any benefits given by the governments over the period of time as they are free always and watching the social happening around for any government favors to public.

4. They are quite healthy than hard-working guys as they sleep, eat, and laugh with the whole heart without any stress or tensions. They don’t roam much like fellow employees (roaming and travel is a big killer of healthy life span).

5. They take good care of family especially children and hence their children get lots of love from parents.

6. They don’t try to make contact with friends of school or college etc. as they don’t intend to use them in the future. If they maintain friends they will have honest friends.What Career is Right for Me - talk to friends

Those who have some jobs near their home town.

These guys have benefits of above two sorts of people. Their only dissatisfaction can be a lack of a good position or a huge salary but they are better than the other two in most ways.

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