How to Decide on a Career Change ? 5 Points to Analyze Critically

If you are thinking on how to choose a career path, or which career is better for you, then you need to consider some factors around you.

Deciding on a career has to begin immediately after high school itself rather than after you enroll for a graduation. This is because there will be ample scope to see, think and move ahead.

Once you enroll, it will be waste of time if you wish to re-decide or change the career.

Some of them make a mess out of it and end up thinking on how to change the career. Wrong career can be a waste of time and hinders your growth prospects.

Besides it can also lead to mental worry and turmoil.

So instead of choosing a career based on advices given or benefits available, select one which is beneficial on the long run.

A good career will make us happy, healthy, matured and even prosperous.

Ideas for deciding on a career

1. Based on your interests: Many of us have some interests like music, dance, painting, arts, designing, academics etc. So it is easy for deciding on a career from among one of the interests.

But we need to see its scope, chances of success, stability etc. on the long run to decide.

There are many actors and musicians who took up the career due to interest. But they came across severe competition, bankruptcy and depression.

So alternatively we can take up a stable career and perceive our interest in arts. There are many engineers who are good singers. They perceive their job vigorously but now and then they get a chance to sing a song (extra remuneration). This way they have stable income due to job and also extra income due to their art.

2. Your family background: Many people get in touch with what their family members are doing. So it will be easy for them to know what to do and how to work and what are the benefits and short comings in that career and decide accordingly.

Some people take up family profession if they like it. Hence we can see many take up health care profession as their parents are doctors. Similarly politicians or businessmen took that career because their parents were so. You can notice George bush became president of US and even his father was one before. Even the Chinese and other countries presidents are so.How to Decide on a Career Change

Even we can notice few Nobel Laureates who shared the award along with their father or mother etc. So it is easy to get into a career in which family was already there.

3. Available resources around: Resources around are important for deciding on a career path. Lack of resources is one of the reasons why many students from all over the world come towards U.S and U.K for education and career.

This is advantageous for the country with resources even as they can get high talent from other countries. So we can see these countries offering encouragements in the name of  U.S scholarships, U.K scholarships, Canadian scholarships etc.

You cannot perform a high tech research at home or at places where there are no facilities. For this one needs to move to the places of resources. While choosing a career, it is important to see the resource availability in terms of colleges and institutes engaged in concerned work.

4. Financial support: One can take up a career of his interest if he has good financial support. For this they can avail from their own family or go for an educations loan etc. Financial is so important to perceive a desired career. You might have noticed many people not going for higher education or not able to quit the job he is not interested because of fear of financial support.

So if you are deciding on a career, financial support should be taken into account and planned accordingly. If you do not have it from your family you can try for scholarships or student loans in case.

5. Your horoscope: It may sound funny or even absurd. Yet go and check out for yourself. You will be amazed at what you hear. Horoscope is a way which mentions in which field one can excel. This is specific for an individual based on his date of birth. For this check your horoscope based on moon sign using the time and date of birth. Get your free prediction from this astrological recommendation.

6. Subjects of interest to you during school. In general you will find that among the subjects taught in school, you will be interested in one of them more than others. Even you do score well in that subject will little effort and study than others. This indicates your interest in that subject.

If you take up a career related to that subject, that can be interesting and also easier for you. So check out which subject is of most attractive, interesting to you and decide a career there on.

For example one interested in languages can take up teaching languages. Those interested to study biological sciences scan take up medicine, environmental studies, forestry,veterinary health care etc.Those interested in physics can take up research in astronomy. Those interested in mathematics, physics and chemistry can take up engineering.

7. Based on personality: This is quite important. A guy with lots of temper cannot be suited for marketing and a cool guy will no do well for a police job.

If you are reserved type and calm going person, it might be you like to work in isolation like a scientist, on computer or farming. if you like people communication and gathering, you can go for human resource management, business, social work and even politics. If you like stress free jobs, you can think of a being a professor. On the other hand if you can tolerate pressure you can go for an industry job or bureaucracy.

8. Your hobbies. For some hobbies become a career. If you are good at something like some sport or subject or event market study. You can become a coach to help others succeed in that path. This way hobbies can helps you take up a career.

If you have a hobby of decoration or designing, then you can work for more expertise and take it as a profession.

9. Discover your skills: Every one of us have some or other skill. I personally like science and academics and so into my field. But i have a skill of teaching and writing so i write this blog and also teach in my regular job.

This was possible when we search for what we are good at. Everyone of have some inherent skills within. If that skill is nurtured, it becomes and great potential and also career path.

So once think of what you are good at without your conditioning at school or by others. This discovery of your skill can make you huge in life.

10. Inherent dream or desire: This is last but not least. Always one should go for the career which his heart wishes to to deliver better.

But many are reluctant to take up due to fear of failure or other excuses like education or age or gender etc. Even Edison was not a highly educated guy but he not only discovered and contributed to science but also built a business (GE) out of it.

All the great discoveries and achievements were possible because one took up career based on his inherent desire to do it.

If you take up something you like deep inside, you will work with at most commitment and passion. By this way you can achieve great heights in the career. Even in case if you fail still you will not regret much.

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