8 Benefits of Taking Notes| During a Class or Seminar

Do you have a habit of taking notes during a class or seminar?

Not all of  them have an inclination to take notes of a class.

Those who learn to take notes of class will find it easy to read the subject than those who directly read from a text book.

Some students are reluctant to the idea of taking class notes. They may feel it is as an unnecessary disturbance while listening to the lecture.

But the reality is one cannot remember the whole lecture after few weeks or months?

So if a student attends classes daily, then it is impossible to remember all the lectures without the help of a notes?

Hence as one moves to higher education, they understand the importance of taking notes in class.

Benefits of Taking Notes

1. Enhanced Attention in the class: Taking lecture notes is a technique to keep oneself interested and concentrated in the class for long. One might have noticed that after the lecture begins, the interest and attention towards the lecture declines slowly within first 10 min. or so. Taking notes help one stay attentive in class for long time.advantages of note taking

2. Way of understanding is easier. Because everyone has a style, in understanding the topic or subject. This if written during listening to the class, it becomes easier to understand and revise again. When you refer two or more text books you will notice that each author has described the topic in his own style but the conclusions are similar. This is because everyone has his or her won style of understanding a topic and since it is written in your notes,

3. Quick to revise: As it is your hand writing and diagram, it becomes easier to remember the topic heard before. So the revision of syllabus before exams gets faster.

4. Better understanding: Since any diagram, derivation, formulas told by teachers are written in your notes, it becomes easier for you to understand the topic as you are drawing or entering the steps involved in derivation yourself one by one.

Even you may get doubts at the point of entry into the notes and you may clarify your self from the teacher.

5. Likeness to the topic: Since it is your handwriting and notes, there will be a feeling of likeness to the topic than that which you didn’t write and need to read from a text book.

6. Better memory: Some do not take notes while some reject the idea of taking notes saying that it is better to concentrate on teaching than writing as there are chances of disturbance during lecture with a internal to take note. This may be true to certain extent but what ever we hear may be not remembered for long. Since we hear many classes daily during school or college, it is highly impossible to remember them all. So its is better to take a note of class as this will make it easy to remember the lecture when one desires to study from class note.

7. All the topics of the subject at one place: Teacher teaches topics of a subject from different textbooks and references based on the authenticity of information. It will be tough to keep so many books for reference in preparing for the entire subject. Having a notes of all the teachings by the teacher helps you keep information of all the topic from different references at one place. This helps you minimize the time in search of the required books and helps study faster.

8. Easy recollection in exam: Have you ever noticed in the exam hall when a question is taken up to answer, your mind remember the page where you read it from including any pictures there. Writing your notes has memory of similar kind and hence your memory of the topic is stronger for longer period. Making easy for you to answer the question in the exam.

Thus due to so many benefits of taking notes, currently you have note taking apps and software. It is even easier for digital note taking on laptop than on the paper book.

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