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Chemistry is the science of study of matter in finest sense, its interactions and existence.

What is Medicinal Chemistry: Its Importance and Applications

What is Medicinal Chemistry

Medicinal chemistry as the name indicates deals with the chemistry of medicines. It is an essential branches of chemistry as it directly relates to health care. Even other branches of chemistry like organic, inorganic and analytical chemistry also contribute to medicines, but their scope is different. Medicinal chemistry tries to interlinks health, disease and medicine […]

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How to analyse the quality of fixed oils and fats

Oils and fats are routine ingredients we see with food. There are many tests to assess their quality and chemistry. Oils are naturally occurring products from plants and animals. Ex: Cod liver oil, omega fatty oils, arachis oil, mustard oil etc. They are the reserve food material with good nutrition value. Physically they are viscous […]

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Importance of Organic Chemistry & Its Applications

Importance of Organic Chemistry

The substances having an element “Carbon” in them are called organic compounds. Study of these compounds is called organic chemistry. The importance of Organic Chemistry is seen in 1. Medicine and health care 2. Food 3.Textile 4. Sanitation 5. Valuable jewelry 6. Sterilization 7. Chemical analysis 8. Chemical synthesis 9. Identification of compounds The subject […]

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What is Essential Oil? 15 Important Essential Oils Uses

essential oils

The essential oil is an oil extracted from plants which have a strong odor and undergo evaporation on exposure to normal temperature. They are very volatile hence on the exposure they evaporate fast leaving empty residues behind. Therefore they are the essence of the flowers or fruits containing them. They are the key components responsible for […]

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15 Types of Titration | Their Methods & Examples in Chemistry

Types of Titration

Different types of titrations are used in the field of analytical chemistry to evaluate chemical compounds like the Acid base titrations Redox titrations Precipitation titrations Complexometric titrations. But, based on the experimental requirement and conditions, there are few more types as the nonaqueous, iodometric, indirect titrations, etc. We will see all the methods in detail. […]

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RadioImmunoAssay | The principle and Procedure of RIA


Radioimmune assay (RIA): As the name indicates, it is an immunological assay to analyze any antigen or antibody in the patient’s serum to diagnose the disease. This is one of the most sensitive & specific methods of immune assays available. It involves competitive binding of radio-labeled antigen and unlabeled antigen to a high-affinity antibody. The […]

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