5 Fossil Fuels Advantages and Disadvantages

Fossil fuels are the fuels obtained from petroleum products.

These products are formed from fossil remains of the past.

It is thought that these are formed from decomposition of dead waste of plants and animals for millions of years.

They are deeply located in the earth crust. Especially oceans and desert areas are found to be good sources for their extraction.

The crude form of it is obtained by pumping out and then filtered. The filtrate is differentiated into grades like aviation fuel, petrol, diesel etc.

Other type is coal which was also widely used but its use is diminishing fast round the world due to pollution.

These fossil fuels have been exploited for working automobiles an since then they are in great demand.

Currently these fuels determine the world economy in terms of price. Change in prices effect the economy of few few countries which are largely dependent on their production.

But now a days there is growing demand for their replacement. Due to problems arising out of their wide spread use, many consider to replace them with alternative fuels or change in the mode of automobile power.

Fossil Fuels Advantages and Disadvantages

So what are the problems with fossil fuel usage and why it is difficult to replace them immediately. So first lets see the advantages.

Advantages of fossil fuels:

1. Better cooking:

2. Better performance

3. Comparatively safer handling

4.Ease of use

5. Inexpensive

Disadvantages of fossil fuels

1. Pollution

2. Global warming

3. Limited supply

4. Heavy metal poisoning

5. Economic losses

6. Extensive human force usage

So when we see them in detail!

Better cooking: Cooking is an ancient and highly essential practice to make our food. This enables the food to be delicious and also hygienic. Cooking is done by generation of fire by burning of wood, coal and even natural gases.Fossil Fuels Advantages and Disadvantages

For centuries, use of wood and coal was common. But due to discovery and extraction of fossil fuels, the process became more better. Using natural gas to cook has many advantages than other modes like.

a) It saves time: Cooking through gas stove is faster than normal furnace cooking

b) Less chance of suit and smoke as there is no ash and dust formed due to burning of natural gas. So good for health.

c) Less polluting Burning of wood and other contribute to air pollution. It is minimal when one uses gas.

No charring of utensils and hence easy to clean them.

Better performance: Automobiles which run on petrol and diesel seem to perform well in terms of speed, pick up etc. On the other hand, vehicles run by other fuels seem to under perform. But due to intense research this problem seems to be irrelevant.petrol-pump

Comparatively safer handling: Use of hydrogen as fuel is risky due to chances of explosion. But it is being tested to see if it is useful as a fuel as there  is no pollution due to it.

Ease of use: Because of long duration of use, vehicles which run on these fuels are easily manageable.

Inexpensive: Fossil fuels are inexpensive in those countries where they are produced. Even in the countries which import them they are reasonably less expensive. In some countries due to government taxes, the prices seem higher.

For different purposes: The heat energy from these source is used in generation of different forms of energy.In general, it is used to produce mechanical energy (automobiles), Electric energy (generators), kinetic energy (light from bulbs) magnetic energy through electricity.

Disadvantages in detail:

Though we seem to enjoy the advantages offered by them, there are also disadvantages of fossil fuels

1.Pollution: Burning of coal, diesel an other fossils emit large amount of polluting gases like CO2, SO2, etc. Discard in use of these fuels will definitely reduce pollution.

2. Global warming: Burning of fossil fuels is believed to be one of the important causes of pollution.

3. Limited supply: The demand for these fuels is on rise, but reserves are limited and hence their production can decline. So their availability in future would be insufficient.oil-pump-jacks

4. Heavy metal poisoning: Many heavy metals like lead are released a waste from use of these fuels. And these metals will have chance of entry into humans and animals. This leads to gradual accumulation an toxicity.

5. Economic losses: Countries which supply them make enough money. But many countries have to give of valuable monetary benefits for purchase of fuels from other countries. Hence those countries which have less resources will have economic loses.

6. Extensive human force usage: This fuel industry is so huge and requires large amounts of human force to manage these fuels.

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