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Chemistry is the science of study of matter in finest sense, its interactions and existence.

Chromatography Lab: Minimal and essential requirements

Chromatography lab

Chromatography labs vary largely based on the type of  chromatography method used. They are designed in a way suitable for the particular chromatographic procedure. But all the chromatography labs have some common requirements to ensure the sensitivity, reproducibility and reliability in analytical results. Since chromatographic procedure is one of the mandatory requirement in some researches, it is necessary to provide a […]

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Quantitative Analysis Chemistry | Definition, Methods & Examples

Quantitative analysis

Quantitative analysis is an important aspect of the analysis of any product, substance,  a chemical or a drug formulation. Analysis (Scientific) is a qualitative and quantitative estimation of any compound or substance by a defined and accepted procedures under a standard set of conditions. Example: If you got an antacid powder sachet, you can notice […]

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