7 Uses of Rocks and Stones in Daily Life

Rocks and stones are naturally formed solid matter. They are hard, robust, and long-lasting.

They are beneficial to both men and the environment in many ways.

Uses of Rocks and stones

  1.  In Constructions
  2.  For boundary fencing
  3.  For Rainwater harvesting
  4.  Valuable minerals and salts
  5.  Jewelry
  6.  In grinders.
  7.  Idols and statues
  8. As Gemstones in astrology

For construction

Stones are used in different forms in construction. They are widely used for the construction of buildings, bridges, boundary walls.

They are also crushed into fine chips for making concrete. These small chips are used to make pillars, plinth beams, and roof slabs.

As Blocks for walls:

Large stones are used as blocks to build basements, foundation walls, and main walls of buildings, bridges, etc.

They are most reliable for the purpose as they are easily available, strong, long-lasting, unlike normal clay or cement bricks.

uses of rocks for construction

For concrete chips

Concrete is a mixture of stone chips, sand, and cement with water. On setting it to become so hard with a fixed shape. This is possible due to bondage between the ingredients used in concrete.

The rocks and stones are crushed into small chips with dimensions like 40 millimeters, 20 millimeters, and more types for use based on the requirement.

For flooring

A floor is made with different materials like tiles, granite, marble, cement. plywood and other materials.

But of them, those made with stone like marble, polished rock, and granite are long-lasting.

Hence, we find the floor to be mostly made of stone titles.

For boundary markings

Survey stones are used with markings to indicate the boundaries of lands.

Similarly, long stones are generally used for the fencing of land. They are made to stand by digging holes into the soil. Then metal wires are wound connecting to a line of stones.

Rainwater harvesting

This is a method where the ground is dug and filled with sand and pebbles such that the flowing rainwater is observed quickly into the soil to enhance groundwater levels.

Source of minerals and salts

Rocks are made of multiple minerals. Hence, these rocks are sources of some minerals and salts. For example, lime or calcium carbonate is obtained from limestone. 

Other rocks with important minerals include quartz,


Gemstones are used to impart beauty and appeal to metal ornaments made of gold, silver, and platinum.

Some of these gemstones include ruby, emerald, cubic zirconia, etc.

These stones are expensive and also rarely found. They can be broken in a specific shape required to be embedded into the ornaments.

For grinders And Kitchenware

Hard stones are used in grinders even in the current kitchens. These grinders are used for breaking down powders and pastes for a smooth finish.

In the past, plates, utensils to hold liquids were made of stones.

Idols and statues

Since ancient history stones were used to make Idols and statues as a memory of kings, saints, and other famous people.

This is where stones find more value and demand since history.

Big stones are used by sculptures to carve out religious idols and statues.

Even some hills carved out as Idols of people.

buddha stone statue

These statues are long-lasting and also environmentally friendly. 

You might have come across stories that some statues are thousands of years old.

Astrological stones

gemstones are also valuable stones

These stones are believed to have a planetary influence. Gemstones are specific color stones that are used in astrology.

When the radiation from these stone touches the skin, it imparts planetary benefits.

These stones are worn by people in the form of rings, pendants, etc. They are said to gain betterment in life. 

For example,  yellow sapphire is used to gain benefits from the planet Jupiter. Other examples of these stones are Ruby,  Emerald.

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