Conservation of Plants | Tips to Save Nature For future

Conservation of plants refers to preservation, repair, or restoration of plant population on the earth.

Plants are easily destroyed by strong wind currents, due to improper nutrition from the soil and also heavy pollution.

They generally have a tendency for a long life but due to the above factors, their life span is drastically reduced.

Besides this natural interruption for their healthy life, by human activity like excess deforestation, excess use of manures, and pollution creates problems of conservation of plants.

Plants are of most importance for in-habitation of man on earth so their conservation is inevitable for the future.

Tips for the conservation of plants:

Use of natural seeds: Due to the use of hybrid seeds and agriculture-related company made seed with an intention for better yield, the plant’s general tendency to germinate from their seed is going down.
This is due to the high level of their genetic exploitation for the purpose. The seeds of these plants have less tolerance for environmental and calamities and also easily prone to diseases. If this continues, then one has to depend on seed companies for growing any plant.
Further, the naturally available plant species are not cultivated and hence in the stage of extinction. This is seen in most of the agricultural grown plants like wheat, cotton, vegetables, etc wherein one might find it difficult to see natural plant seeds without genetic adulteration. So steps to procure these natural seeds and store and cultivate them has to be taken from the government side.
Minimize the wastage and thereby plant destruction: We use paper in daily life for various purposes. This paper is made from bamboos and other plant material. Minimize the usage of paper can limit the destruction of bamboos. This is especially possible by not taking out a print out of your ATM transaction or your railway ticket etc. You have these records in your account or in the form of pdf soft-copy for future reference. Recycling of used paper is another option for the purpose.

Limit the pollution: Pollution by radiation, water or soil pollution can be toxic to plants and may decline their life span. So precaution to minimize the pollution has to be taken up to conserve plants.

Safeguard from cattle: Many new plants are planted beside road now and then. But they are destroyed even before they grow up due to cattle. So cover the plants to minimize damage by cattle.

Minimal use of furniture: Big trees are chopped off for making furniture. The demand is high due to the rise in the construction of new homes. The breakdown of huge trees is easier but the time taken for their huge growth is vast. Even big trees are helpful in triggering the rainfall and also maintain the atmospheric moisture levels. So cutting down bug trees has more disadvantages.

Minimize deforestation: Deforestation is full-fledged in some countries due to the growth of cities, towns, and also the requirement to occupy agriculturally or forest land for industrial purposes. This greatly hinders natural greenery as many plants are cut down in the process. Further, the chances of the natural climate in the locality are altered.

Encourage plantation:  Excess and mass level plantation has to be encouraged to rise the plant population in all the cities and also remote areas where ever possible.

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