Benefits of Recycling to Man and Environment

Recycling is a method of reusing the waste disposal to a maximal possible extent. This is done from regular daily waste, outdated electronic items, plastic items and more. The key benefits of recycling include

  • Saving environment
  • Conserving the natural resources
  • Scope of employment
  • Minimize the cost of products
  • Reduce toxic gas emission.
  • Safeguard health and enhance lifespan

Save environment: The recycling of metals, plastic, and other waste helps to save the environmental damage. The pollution due to plastic, heavy metal waste is a serious havoc to the natural well being of all the animals and humans. When the plastic and heavy metal waste is recycled, the damage done to the environment due to their disposal is reduced. So recycling helps to minimize the waste and safeguard the environment.Benefits of Recycling

Save natural resources: Many substances like chemicals, non-metals and metals are extracted from nature for use. The more the requirement, the more is their extraction leading to rapid depletion of the resources for future. Recycling these materials will reduce the requirement for further extraction. Thus the natural resources can be saved.

The scope of employment: Recycling is also a business with chances of good revenue. Hence, there are companies which are jumping right into the business of recycling. This recycling process requires both skilled and nonskilled technicians for work. and it involves revenue generation. This lead to jobs and employment for many people in the country.

Minimize cost of products: Getting raw material for making products like petroleum, metal ore etc. requires their import, purification, extraction etc. This can be minimized if products are recycled. This process of recycling can be less expensive if proper techniques are used. When the raw material is obtained by recycling method, it would be beneficial for both the consumers and also the manufacturers. The consumers can get some cash benefits from the recycling company or the governments. While the manufacturer can offer the finished products made from recycled material lesser prices.

Reduction of Toxic gas emission: Most disposed materials release toxic gases or greenhouse gases. Both types of gases can be the cause of air pollution and also global warming. When the waste material is recycled. The chances of toxic gas emission are reduced.

Safeguard health and enhance lifespan:

When we dump electronics like mobile phones, computers, television sets etc. the lead, arsenic and other heavy metals in them get released into the soil. These then can reach groundwater and then the human bodies. These heavy metals are responsible for many types of diseases. In the long run, they also reduce lifespan.

Hence, one any electronic items you will notice a symbol of not to throw in the dustbin. This is to indicate how harmful they can be when dumped in dustbins. So proper recycling of this waste is essential to handle the toxic dump.

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