How are humans different from animals| 10 Points

Humans are thought have been evolved from animals as per theory of evolution.

But interestingly humans are different than animals in many ways.

However the theory also hold good in a sense that, their body organization is similar to humans.

This is the reason why new drug molecules are tested on animals before making tests on humans.

Besides animals also have emotions and senses like humans.

They even communicate with each other, live in a group or as a society like humans.

1o points on how humans are different from animals.

Human advantages over animals make him quite different to animals.

Characters Humans Animals
TalkHumans have a wonderful ability to communicate by way of talking, use of words and speech.Animals can’t talk but communicate by few sounds.
LaughLaugh is a virtue by which humans express happness. Even a new born baby will laugh without others guidanceAnimals cannot laugh.They cannot laugh as way to express happiness but do it by other ways.
CommunicationHumans coomunicate by words, speech, wrting, body language, body movements, facial expressions, signals etc.Animals communcate only by few sounds, signals and body language. But still it is less effective than humans.
LimbsHumans have two legs to walk and other two i.e. hands for other purposes.Animals have all the limbs meant for walking. Some of them even have many limbs.
Social lifeHumans always stay in groups and as a society.Except few animals like Ants, Bees, Elephants etc. many animals live in isolation.
Better senses.Humans have highly developed sense organs. They differentiate colors, tastes, fragrances etc.Animals also have these senses but are less developed. Many donot recognise indvidual colors. Some of them like insects have compound eyes which have multiple visions.
BrainHuman bran is well developed and has many folding which is indicative of judgement, thought, memory etc.Animals brain is less developed and hence lack better judgement, memory and even efficient thoughts.
MemoryHumans have better memory than animalsmemory of animals varies and higher animals have better but not equivalent to humans.
Life spanHumans have more life span than many animals.Many animals have lesser life span from days, months to few year with exception of tortoise, elephants which have more than man.

Thus above are some of points on what makes humans different from animals. How are humans different from animals

But in terms of biology, the anatomy and physiology of humans is quite similar to animals.

So scientifically humans are classified under animals rather than in plants.

Their organs, organ systems are quite similar to humans due to which we test many new drugs on them.

Also many animal extracts or biological products like heparin, insulin can be used in humans as replacement therapy.

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  1. Brain Human “”””bran”””” is well developed and has many folding which is indicative of judgement, thought, memory etc.

    Its Brain

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