4 Ways to Improve Communication Skills

Communication skills are recommended everywhere for betterment in career and life. But it is tough to find guys with perfect communication skills. Yet those who have better skills definitely perform better.

Communication skills can be improved in terms of speaking, writing,  listening, and even with proper body language. The communication should be pleasant, friendly, and hassle-free flow of information.

4 ways to improve communication skills:

1. Speaking: Speaking though it is a gift to mankind yet many troubles arise out of speaking. Speaking tells others out mindset, our aims, and also behavior. So much advice to think before we speak something. It can hurt the feelings of the opposite person, or cheer up him or even bore him. So we need to know how we speak and its impact on others. Also, it is better to observe others’ speech.

Speaking can be

  • One on one:
  • One on few:
  • One before a large group:
  • Over a telephone:

One on one: This can in person, this can be quiet easier and requires less stress and effort. Any misleading speech can be corrected by alertness and explanation.

One on few: This is before a group of friends or family members or work colleagues etc. This is also quite easier but needs to be pleasing, alert, and misleading speech is difficult to correct as you need to convince everyone individually latter. ways to improve communication skills

One before a large group: This is a speech in public or a conference or busyness group etc. This is a tough task, besides speech it requires a lack of fear, confidence, and also proper body movement & coordination besides speech. Any flaws or faults in speech is almost impossible to correct to a complete extent. So it is always advisable to make a speech of what you want to talk about (recheck it more than once) and read it before them.

Over a telephone. This is even easier to talk as the opposite person doesn’t see you. But it may be tougher to convey the message and bring in your favors if you can’t convince him..

2.Writing: This is easier as you can do it with a cool mind without too much exaggeration. Hence in many instances, writing doesn’t create problems. Further the reader reads it with his heart besides the brain, the message is conveyed to deeper or complete levels. Yet it requires some caution in case of a professional letter or email writing. Once written it becomes a piece of valid evidence hence be even careful. Avoid personal disgust or anger in writing. Read tips on email writing skills.

3.Listening: This is important to receive useful information while leaving useless speech. Many of us have less time and patience to listen and chances are we don’t interpret the communication in a proper way and may take it otherwise. So listen properly and if you have doubts ask for repetition. You may also need other precautions like seeing into the eye of the speaker if one on one or else in a group. This may at times create a good impression on the speaker. Any doubts should be clarified immediately.

4.Body language: Folding your hands, holding them on the waist, shivering, excess moving of the hands, legs, or body impact the opposite person. It may indicate you are tensed or not comfortable. Body language can indicate you to be confident of what you say and make others feel reliable over you.

This is not an exhaustive guide to improve communication skills but an idea of how we can improve.

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