Test for proteins | Chemical Methods of Identification in Labs

Test for proteins

Proteins are the essential biomolecules present in the living organisms. They give structural support and rigidity to the organisms. There are many proteins like albumin, globulin, casein, gelatin, peptone etc. The tests for proteins include Coagulation test Biuret test Neumann’s test Half saturation test Aldehyde test Millon’s test Ninhydrin test Xanthohydrin test Arginine test Isoelectric […]

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What is Hemostasis | Its Mechanism in 4 Stages

What is Hemostasis

Hemostasis is a series of an overlapping process intended to stop the bleeding during an injury to the blood vessel. The process occurs approximately within 15 seconds after the injury. The platelets which are a type of blood cells play a vital role in it. This hemostasis occurs in four stages as 1. Vasoconstriction 2. […]

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Benefits of Recycling to Man and Environment

benefits of recycling

Recycling is a method of reusing the waste disposal to a maximal possible extent. This is done from regular daily waste, outdated electronic items, plastic items and more. The key benefits of recycling include Saving environment Conserving the natural resources Scope of employment Minimize the cost of products Reduce toxic gas emission. Safeguard health and […]

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Importance of Roots | 10 Uses to Plants and Man

importance of roots - carrots as food

Roots are the important parts of the plant and trees. For plants they are useful for Fixing the plant firmly to the soil, Provide water, Provide minerals and manures, Storage of food, Excretion of waste, Supports the life of other organisms. For humans Source of food Provides vital medicine and drugs, Source of fiber, Help […]

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What are nematodes | Their Characteristics, Examples and Uses

What are nematodes

Nematodes are the class of animals belonging to the phyla Aschelminthes. Their cross-section is round in shape and hence called as roundworms. They have features similar to tapeworm but, have some distinct characters like Size Body systems Reproduction type Food habits Distribution Size: Nematodes can be microscopic but even large and visible to naked eye. […]

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