How We Get Energy from Food | A Natural Process in Body

How We Get Energy from Food

Food is a vital necessity for all the humans and animals to live. It is also true that we all of us strive everyday to achieve our food. But why food is necessary? and why do we feel hunger? We feel the hunger because it is a bodies call to replenish or restore the reserve food. […]

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Qualitative Analysis| 4 Methods & Uses In Chemistry

Qualitative Analysis

Qualitative analysis by definition is the process of estimation or determination of the components present in a given sample. Chemical analysis has two parts as a) qualitative aspect b) quantitative aspect. Qualitative aspect is the primary property determined and quantitative is the next one in most determinations. Qualitative analysis is quality control for many products […]

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4 Ways to Improve Communication Skills

Communication skills are recommended everywhere for betterment in career and life. But it is tough to find guys with perfect communication skills. Yet those who have better skills definitely perform better. Communication skills can be improved in terms of speaking, writing,  listening and even with proper body language. The communication should be pleasant, friendly and with […]

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What Career is Right for Me ? 10 Things to Consider and Decide

What Career is Right for Me

Having a peaceful and prosperous career is dream for many. But because of so many changes in education, job and career options one faces much confusion to decide of how his career can be peaceful yet prosperous. Some thought running of to anywhere to make lump sum salary is a best career idea. Others get into small jobs […]

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PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences: Universities with Best Options

Phd in Pharmacy

Pharmacy course is one of the major branches of the medical sciences with a wide range of employment opportunities. A Ph.D. in pharmacy course is the highest degree that you can be conferred regarding higher education. The course involves a significant extent of research in the field and enhances expertise in the area. Also, the […]

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5 Uses of External Hard Disk

Hard Disk

Planning to buy an external hard disk? Then go ahead and buy one because the uses of external hard disk are well worth in having them. But while buying be careful to choose a better one from among those available companies. If you are not tempted to buy one at present still read the uses. Because […]

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How is Energy Used in the human Body? 5 Important Ways

How is Energy Used in the human Body

There are 5 methods on how is energy used in the human body like 1. Physical exertion 2. Mental exertion 3. Physiological functions of the body 4. metabolic reactions. 5. Energy lost by dissipation. Energy is the critical requirement for the body that it doesn’t survive even a minute without it. Hence, cyanide pill used […]

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Antibiotic sensitivity test procedure

Antibiotic sensitivity test

Antibiotics are natural or semi-synthetic agents which kill bacteria and other microbes at small doses. The number of antibiotics used in present health care system are many yet not all of them are suitable for every kind of infection. For example rifampicin is best for treatment of tuberculous infection while penicillin is best for syphilis. But these two antibiotics are completely ineffective in vice verse manner. This knowledge of selectivity of an antibiotic […]

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