10 Uses of Earth We live on

Mother earth is the base for all of us to live.

We are born and do almost all the activities on it.

It is born before the actual life started in the universe.

It is also the house of all plants and animals where they dwell and die.

Humans have been using this mother earth for purposes like agriculture, minerals etc.

But with growth in science, humans have learn’t to exploit it for more benefits.

Here we outline all the possible uses of earth for humans.

Uses of Earth:

10 uses of earth
Geothermal electricity plant

1. Geothermal-electricity: Electricity we use daily is generated by many means like water, air, solar etc.

But also there is Geothermal-electricity. This is a sustainable and also renewable energy resource.

Here the internal energy from the earth is used for production of electricity.

2. Glass: Glass is made from sand. It is one of the oldest discovered and most environment friendly. It is used to make cheap and also highly effective storage containers.

Utensils made of ceramic material

3. Ceramics: Ceramics is also similar to glass.

But it has more diverse roles and applications.

Ceramics relates to material used for making tiles, wash room basins, bathtubs etc.

In kitchen it is used for making utensils like plates, cups, bowls etc.

Besides it is also used to make artificial teeth, bones and other bio-applicable materials.

silica chip
Silica chip circuit

4. Silicon for computing. Sand is also used in making computer hard ware.

Hence the name silicon valley for southern California as it is the place of tech-companies which run based on computers.

Silica or sand is a good semiconductor. It is also cheap so is widely used in computer processors.

5. Farming. Cultivation is the primitive yet the only reliable method of livelihood known to man. Without the soil on the earth, it would be impossible to cultivate crops. Without which we cannot produce food for living of such vast population.

6. Water supply. Earth has good amount of ground water. This is in some places oozes out as oasis or from deep wells. But modern man extracts that water for domestic use and agriculture by bore wells. The earth acts as natural reservoir. When the rainfall happens, the ground water is restored. This can be used for future purposes. Hence earth is a natural reservoir of water. Also it comprises of more than 70% water mass as oceans. Even there are many rivers as fresh water resources in all parts of the world.

7. Metals. Metals are extracted from earth in the form of ores. These are then purified to isolate individual metals. Many metals like  gold, silver, copper, iron find great use in human life.

8. Minerals. Earth crest is the great source of minerals. There are many minerals used by man like lime, radio-active material, phosphorous, sulfur etc.

9. Construction: Earth was widely used in construction material. Even in modern construction, bricks and cement are made from clay from earth surface.

Baby turtle going from shore to sea

10. Shelter: Last but not least, Earth is the shelter for all the animals and plant

Even some birds make their nest in the soil. Insects are born and live within the dwelling of earths surface.

Besides sea creatures like turtles lay their eggs on the shore and go back to sea. These eggs hatch and baby turtles go back to sea.

Thus earth has many uses to man and all the life on this earth. Due to its gravity, every thing on the earth stay stable. Also due to its rotation on its own axis it has day and night cycle. Due to its revolution around the sun, it shows season variations like summer, winter and rainy. All these processes help sustain the life on earth.

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