Warm Blooded Animals | Their List with Examples & Pictures

Warm-blooded animals are also called homeotherms.

These animals have constant body temperature at all environmental conditions. Their examples include

1. Humans

2. Herbivorous animals like cows, horses, elephants, donkeys, camels, giraffes, monkeys, squirrels, etc.

3. Carnivorous animals like tigers, lions, dogs, cats, bears, hyenas, etc.

4. Birds include all the birds, and their examples are crow, eagle, sparrow, parrot, pigeon, peacock, hen, duck, etc.

The humans are homeotherms and have a constant body temperature of 37 °C.

A change in body temperature is an indication of health issues and metabolic disturbance. If the change is not corrected, it may even lead to death for these animals.

This constant temperature is possible due to homeostatic control in the body. The body temperature is such that there is only a small switch in the temperature on the upper and lower side.

Also, they have a temperature-regulating center in their brains, which keeps up the constant temperature.

The blood in these animals helps to distribute uniform temperature throughout the body.

Even they have protective factors in the body like the presence of thick fur, feathers, hard skin and even adipose tissue to counter cold temperatures.

Warm-Blooded Animals List

1. Man: Human being is a warm-blooded animal and he tries to protect themselves from cold (to prevent body heat loss) by all possible means.

2. Mammals: Animals with mammary glands are called mammals. All the major animals come under this group like

Terrestrial mammals

These animals live on land and are exposed to the sun directly. At times of cold, they tend to expose to sunlight and sleep in groups or caves.

A) Herbivorous animals: Cows, buffaloes, pigs, sheep, goats, rabbits, donkeys, monkeys, horses, giraffes, squirrels, deer, camels are endothermic.

cows in farm-herbivores

B) Carnivorous animals: Like lion, tiger, cheetah, bear, fox, hyena, dogs, cats are also hot-blooded animals.


But there are few exceptions too. For example, the arctic squirrel can be heterothermic and its body temperature can drop below zero if required. Even a few rats and bats can reduce their temperature drastically when needed.

Marine mammals

These animals live in oceans and seas and are susceptible to cold temperatures. Still, they are endothermic.

For example, Whales, seals and dolphins also have warmblood with a body temperature of 37 °C

3. Bird: All the birds are warm-blooded animals. They have a heavy covering on their body in the form of wings and also feathers. Hence when you touch a bird below its wings, you can notice it is very hot.


The bird’s examples include crows, eagles, pigeons, parrots, sparrows, owls, vultures, hen, duck, swan, crane, etc.

All the lower animals, like the invertebrates, are cold-blooded animals — their body temperature changes as per the surrounding environment.

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