What is Endnote and How to Use It

An EndNote is a reference software which helps to edit references with ease. If you are a student, scientist or a researcher with some professional writing requirements, you may need a reference software.

It was a huge struggle and time waste for me in managing references while writing a research paper before the introduction of EndNote software.

I sometimes used to spend a whole day correcting the references as per the journal style. Even then, there used to be a few mistakes here and there.

But with EndNote everything was cleared in a go. Just while writing, you can insert the desired references. It would automatically correct the style both in the text and bibliography.

How to Use EndNote

1. As an addon in the document creation software or browser.

EndNote software can be used as an add-on to your word document creating software like the windows office word or even mac. This helps to edit citations while you write in word.

You can also use it as an add on to your browsers like Chrome, Firefox and other browsers. In this way, you can add citation while you are reading an article on the internet.what is endnote

2. To edit the citation in the text:

Once the add-on of EndNote is added to the word processing software, you can easily add the citations in text. It adds the citation with either the author name and date or just the numbers as per the instructions of the journal.

For this, you just need to select the journal style in the EndNote before starting to write. Even, if you complete the writing in one particular style and wish to opt for another journal, you can change the style again by just selecting the desired style option in the EndNote.

Also, few journals give you style file which can be opened through EndNote and processed accordingly.

3. To format the bibliography references.

As you know the list of complete references corresponding to those mentioned in the text is written at the bottom of the research article.

This section includes names of authors, date of publication, the title of the article, page numbers of the article and volume of the journal, date of publication, etc.

However, every journal has its own format of writing these parts in the complete citation.

They show variations in the initials, name, position of date, title, the position of page numbers after the title, the separators like the commas, full stops, semicolons, etc.

So, once you complete your writing manually with all the required format still there would be chances for errors.

Instead, if you wish to change the journal, again you will have to make changes. And doing it manually is tedious, time-consuming with a probability of many errors. So, EndNote is the best solution in such cases. There is almost no chance for errors and the change can be made in few seconds to minutes for the citations in the text and in bibliography simultaneously.

How to get EndNote software:

An endnote is a premium software sold by clarivate analytics. It has premium pricing and student pricing. Student pricing is around $100 and the premium one could be double the price.

Even, many universities, educational and research institutes offer endnote to their students and faculty as a part of the education facility.

If you wish to not buy one, then you can opt for other referencing software.

However, I am a big fan of it due to its simplicity and ease of use.

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