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HPLC method: Procedure of HPLC test in brief

hplc method

HPLC method of chromatography is simple if one follows a well established procedure . Always keep the HPLC instrument clean including the chamber where the HPLC system is housed. Keep the room temperature to lower side and also fixed. Alteration in the room temperature during the HPLC method has effect on the detectors. All the solution, reagents, samples, […]

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Biomedical Engineering Schools | Details on Course, Syllabus & Jobs

Biomedical Engineering Schools

When you have visited a hospital, you might have come across some highly sophisticated and technology based instruments. They are like CT-scan, ECG (electro-cardiograph), EEG (electroencephalograph), X-ray, laparoscopic, dialysis setups etc. These all are inventions and creations of highly skilled biomedical engineers to cater for better health. They are used for effective medical diagnosis, surgery and other purposes. These […]

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8 Types of stem cells | Their differences and sources

types of stem cells

Stem cells are thought to be important health rescuers in future. So many people seems to be speaking about stem cell storage or its importance. The stem cells are normal human cells and obtained as embryonic stem cells, adipose stem cells, amniotic stem cells, umbilical cord stem cells, dental stem cells, bone marrow stem cells, mammary stem cells etc. All […]

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Use of Animals in Scientific Research | A Complete Guide

Use of Animals in Scientific Research-guinea pig

Animal testing is routinely used in pharma industries, scientific research labs for testing of drugs, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, etc. They are used as per provisions of animal laws after obtaining proper approvals. However, there is a high demand to stop the use of animals for experimentation by organizations that are sympathetic to animals. Animals are used for following […]

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Rules to Carry Experiments on Animals & Humans

Most of the products in market like drugs, nutrition, pesticides etc are tested for their quality, toxicity, effectiveness using some living forms like plants, animals, insects and also humans. Use of living organisms inflicts pain and suffering during experimentation hence, certain ethics and laws have to be followed by the experimenter as per rules of the country. Every country has rules for animal and human safety. […]

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Role of Teacher in Students Life, Classroom & Society

Role of Teacher

Teachers play a vital role in the education and also student’s life. A person with proper vision, experience, and an education degree can enter the teaching profession. Teaching job is a more of a responsibility than a  mere job. It has an impact on the growth and well-being of the nation. The teacher today is quite diverse than past and has an […]

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How to Stay Focused in School | 10 Tips for Every Student

How to Stay Focused in School -extra curricular activities

Staying attentive in a class or subject is essential to grasp thoroughly the contents of what teacher says. Though studying the topic on our own at home can help grasp the subject, teachers opinion and idea of the subject are vital. This is because, due to their seniority by age and experience, the topic is covered in an updated and matured […]

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Importance of Protein Analysis & the Assay Methods

Importance of Protein Analysis in diagnosis and research

Protein analysis is very important for Quantification of tissue or cell material in biological research. Understand body physiology For diagnosis of diseases by western blot, ELISA. To determine the mechanism of disease Quality control of packed food material and protein supplements. To develop vaccines. Biosynthesis of Hormones and Enzymes Forensic Investigation Identification of bacteria. Protein […]

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HPLCPumps: 3 Types and their Function

Hplc Pumps

HPLC pumps from the basic part of HPLC instrumentation. Unlike other chromatography techniques, HPLC needs to generate pressure by pumps. Without a proper pump, HPLC analysis is impossible and the instrument is not operable. As the name, HPLC i.e. high-performance liquid chromatography indicates, one needs to generate pressure. HPLC pumps generate pressure on the solvent so […]

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Stem Cell Bank: Their uses and types

stem cell bank

Stem cells are a great promise to sustain the health risks in future. Recent studies proved them to be capable to transform into even desired organs like eyes and liver by some Japanese scientists. On injection of stem cells, they were shown to replace the dead tissue in the heart muscles in the patients with myocardial infarction […]

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