Advantages and Disadvantages of Alcohol | 6 Interesting Points

Humans have known alcohol since ancient days.

Alcohol chemically is ethanol or ethyl alcohol.

Besides human consumption, it also finds many uses in daily life.

There are different opinions regarding its consumption and with chances of damage to social harmony.

Hence alcoholic drinks are manufactured and distributed on a large scale under strict government regulations.

Even to minimize the misuse, governments levy heavy excise taxes and employ excise officers to check the alcohol production, transport, and usage in the society.

Of course, tax on alcoholic beverages is one of the most significant sources of revenue for governments in some countries.

Here well will discuss, the positive and negative effects of alcohol on the body its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of alcohol consumption

Many of them consume alcohol, but few people are addicted to it. Some of them consume daily in limited quantity while others take it occasionally.

People who prefer it believe that the advantages of alcohol consumption are as below.

1. Relieves mental stress

  • It is believed to give relief from mental tension after daily activities. Hence, its consumption provides relief from stress.
  • It is said to lower the control in some brain regions, leading to a decrease in stress.

2. Celebration

positive and negative effects of alcohol
  • This is quite common and most celebrations and parties include alcoholic beverages to warm up the show.
  • It is also the reason where people open up and build stronger relations.

3. Provide better sleep.

  • Alcohol has a sedative effect and hence drinking alcohol promotes sleepiness.

4. Increases in appetite.

  • People tend to crave for food after drinking.
  • Alcohol raises blood flow to the stomach and gut and also irritates the gut locally.
  • This property raises hunger and thereby food consumption.

5. Keeps the body warm

  • Drinking alcohol keeps the body warm, especially during winter and cold conditions.
  • It increases blood flow to the skin and thus produces warmth.

6. Helps put on weight

  • Alcohol provides a high amount of calories by metabolism in the body and thereby adds to the body’s fat content.
  • This might seem advantageous to those who are slim.

7. Helps neglect severe pain

  • During an injury or accident, alcohol intake can make the person less sensitive to physical pain.
  • Because those centers in the brain which feel the pain are sedated leading less pain sensation.

Benefits of alcohol for other than drinking

  • Alcohol is a suitable solvent for many extraction procedures. Since it is an organic solvent, it is suitable for the extraction of plant constituents, drugs, nutrients, etc.
  • It is an excellent antiseptic, disinfectant, and sterilizing agent. At 70% concentration, it is an effective disinfectant to kill all the germs. Hence it is incorporated in most deodorants and antiperspirants. It is also believed to reduce sweating.
alcohol benefit
Alcohol as an antiseptic.
  • It is a good preservative. Alcohol presence in any medical preparations is an excellent preservative as seen in homeopathic drug preparations. Drugs or medicinal preparations stay safe for a long time.
  • Astringent: It precipitates and denatures surface proteins making tissues soft. In long-term bedridden patients, it is used to harden bony surfaces of the back.
  • Cooling agent: Alcohol acts as a refrigerant by cooling the surface of the skin when applied. When a pack immersed in alcohol is placed on the head, it produces a cooling sensation in times of fever with high temperatures.
  • Reduces pain:  When alcohol is used to massage over a surface of painful muscle regions, it relieves deep-seated pains.

Disadvantages of alcohol consumption

1. Loss of self-control

  • Alcohol drinking leads to a loss of self-control leading to ackward and troublesome behavior.
  • In medical terms, alcohol is a sedative, and in high doses, the person loses self-control in the body which can lead to accidents.

2. Damage to the liver

  • Since alcohol is mostly metabolized in the liver, it is the organ that is impacted most. It may lead to fatty liver.
  • Besides, it can also lead to cardiovascular troubles and high Blood pressure. So, limiting drinking is needed to rescue the organs.

Further, having a protein-rich diet is necessary to rejuvenate the liver.

3. Nerve damage

  • It causes slow and progressive degeneration of the nervous system.
  • Alcohol chemically is a hydrophilic solvent and hence it can readily penetrate into fat tissues like the brain.
  • At high concentrations, it can damage the neurons.

4. Leads to obesity.

  • It can put on excess weight. This is due to the low consumption of carbohydrates taken in the form of food.
  • Alcohol by itself can from energy molecule ATP and provide calories to the body.
  • So other calorie-generating foods, especially carbohydrates and fats, are not used up leading to their accumulation and weight gain.

5. Addiction

Advantages and Disadvantages of Alcohol
  • It is addictive and people are prone to drink it unnecessarily. This leads to a disturbance in a healthy lifestyle.
  • He may reach a stage where his daily routine does not happen without drinking.

6. Sedation and death

  • Alcohol is a sedative; at lower dose. But on heavy consumption can lead to coma and death.

7. Accidents and social trouble.

  • Socially alcohol has much impact as there can be accidents due to drinking and driving.
  • Also, one can lose his senses and misbehave, causing trouble for others. Besides it, a costly drink so can put an economic burden on low-income people.

8. Alcohol poisoning

Alcohol, when taken in large amounts, could be harmful and leads to toxicity. Alcohol toxicity is of two types as

  1. Acute alcohol poisoning
  2. Chronic alcohol poisoning.

Acute alcohol poisoning

This occurs due to the sudden intake of large amounts of alcohol. The person may go into sedation, coma, and even death. The best way to manage is to take him to the hospital. The person is given respiratory support and other measures to save the life.

Chronic alcohol intoxication

Here the intoxication occurs due to the long-standing intake of alcohol. Here the person might be addicted to alcohol, so he does not get the euphoria at normal doses and may take large doses. This can lead to organ damage and death. Hence, he has to be discouraged from consuming any amount of alcohol further.

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  1. These so called benefits are in general very wrong. It says what people believe to be benefits. They are what people tell themselves and others to justify drinking.

    Alcohol does not improve sleep. It might help or make you fall asleep but the quality of the sleep is very bad.

    There are much better ways to relieve stress at the end of the day, sport for example.

    Alcohol only momentarily relieves stress (that it has probably helped to create).

    Alcohol is the only drug that you have to justify NOT taking. It's a poison.

  2. I find drinking beer or spirit quiet helpful. I drink moderately, of purse, and after the days work. It helps me to cool off – I mean, it helps to forget the stress of the day, and makes me happy. What can I do without alcohol?

  3. It’s great to know that alcohol can help relieve mental stress. My friends like to have a drink after work at a pub inside the mall. No one in my family drinks, but I guess a glass of wine will not harm at all.

  4. I like how you mentioned that alcohol can help relieve mental stress, and help you feel better after a long day. My friends all love drinking alcohol, but I’ve never joined them because I didn’t know how I felt about it. After learning about all of the benefits of drinking alcohol, I will definitely consider joining my friends next time.

  5. I hope that in the short future all humans in the world stop drinking Alcohol. Alcohol destroy yourselves and your society.

  6. I drink alcohol when I cant sleep at night…….and I drink coffee to keep me awake in the morning / afternoon………so far… good baby !!!

  7. it brings positive effect to my body……….before I start drinking………I always stay up late at night ( 2/3 am ) but after i drink alcohol at dinner……I get sleepy right away…….so i guess it benefits me to drink alcohol right ?

  8. The cardinal rule of toxicology- everything is poison, only the dose permits something to not be poison…

    Every drug can be good or bad. Just depends how you use it.

    If you don’t have the willpower to control yourself, probably better to stand clear of alcohol.

  9. I agree that alcohols have bad effects. Thorough they can say that it can improve your health. Because if someone is living without alcohol I am assuring you that they can live a 100 percent healthy life rather than to take and end up in so many social problems.

  10. Visit any house and ask if anyone did any good social/civil act after drinking alcohol, and u may find none. Ask if anything bad act done, and u would find numerous. Most crimes of father raping their own daughters happens under influence of alcohol.
    Let alcohol be used in medicines only, and not be part of our regular day-to-day life.

  11. There is a disadvantage attached to every advantage of alcohol intake, so it is better to avoid that devil holding a bible in one hand and a gun in another.

  12. intake of alcoholic will only make you enjoy your soul that war against the Spirit. and will also give you unreliable temporary relief.

  13. To be honest alcohol is never good it has destroy many lives of the young and old people. if you remove the intake of alcoholic drinks there will be less corruption. men will rather go to God for solution than alcohol. alcohol will only add more to your problems.

  14. The benefits of alcohol are mostly external, like for preservation, cooling effects, massage etc, so if u say drinking it is good what is very important advantage does it have inside your body

  15. Hi guys i think u r all right ..there is no benefit frm drinking alcohol but only adding problems to our life,

  16. hi friends.i think alcohol has more disadvantages to advantages in our has advantages for those who sell it but even the its income is not good for sellers because the problems make to those consume it.our body makes alcohol in low quantities through our metabolism happening in our we don t need excess drink more than is needed

  17. Hi friends Just two or three month before I started drinking but only thrice I drank.I am reading this advantage and disadvantage of alcohol because last night when I was with my friends they were not drinking in limited manner and it was over the limit. And after two three hour every one started falling down vomiting and all which makes me so scared and of course I was not drinking last night but I was thinking that I ll not consume alcohol now, but I think consumption of alcohol in limited manner is good as mentioned above by someone.

  18. Taking alcohol should be measurable to its consumer because to the body it can bring about mental disorders like being forgetful, there is no use of alcohol to the healthy person

  19. Alcohol is made for humans…if we humans don’t drink in this life so we can’t drink in our next life..have u ever seen that dogs are drinking or any animals are drinking …only v humans can consume enjoy

  20. Alcohol is not good for people of the age of 15 but lots of people Mzantsi are drinking under the age of 14-16 but it is says that not for sale to children

  21. Heavy drinking can lead you to inflammation of the liver as well as other parts and it also increases blood pressure
    so you better think before you drink

  22. in my opinion alcohol should be taken ONLY by DISCIPLINED HUMANS…. I’ve working in a hospital and I repeatedly see patients suffered from accidents and violents issues because of over consumption of alcohol.. it says that drinking alcohol is one way of dealing our problems… that’s a BIG NO!!!! for me….if you want to solve your problem… deal with it with right and good solution….. Remember alcohol can create health problems too… so it’s clear that it does not help you but adds another problem for you… #thinkbeforeyoudrink

  23. I have lost many opportunities because of alcohol and society perception to one who is drinker is not good at all

  24. I think u have to make an application regarding educational as well as how science is involved in our every and every small day to day incidents

  25. Now a days alcohal is becoming medicine of human being by way of it people are taking relief on their mental problem, hyper tension, in sad condition and also cheerful condition. Our young genration is becoming habitual of consuming for alchohal due to above mentioned reasion. can alcohal give to us permanent relief of our personal as well as social daily problems in our life, no this is limited medicine to us to forgive our problem thereaftre it will arise again, so consume to alcohal is not remedy to us to solve everything. Because of it million pepole are spoiling there better life. Many couples had destroyed their happliy matrimonial life due to alcohal their childern had been orphanding inspite of their father and mother.

  26. Limited alcohol is a good health product but excess of every thing is food.excess water.excess tea.excess calories.even excess rest and sleep.

  27. i think alcohol is an gift to us by god,it depends on us, how we are taking alcohol?excess of everything is harmful even water also..i like moderate drinking bcoz i m enjoying it in my life..thanx god to make me human…

  28. I think taking alcoholic drinks in moderation helps to release your hidden feelings. For example if u plan of doing something within u if u take alcoholic drinks u may voice it to the hearing of others n they may help u

  29. Its not that alcohols super bad and stuff. everything has its own black and white side like we humans do. So, its our sensibility that we don’t consume alcohol and even if we consume it should be in a limited manner ..

    • I Agreed With Dr.Ashwini That Alcohol Is Not Bad All Tht Way Just Depends On The Consumptional Rate So You Don’t Fall Into It’s Disadvantages.

  30. Alcohol has more disadvantages compared to that of advantages. So it is better not to consume alcohol. Stay healthy instead of taking a risk.
    The advantages that alcohol can provide, your normal diet also can provide the same.

  31. I agree wit Sally, l had a really bad experience while taking alcohol, makes u look older than your age, bad sleep, hangovers and lots of unpleasants

  32. Alcohol is like a knife. The problem is not itself but its users. You can peacefully and legally chop your vegetable with your sharp knife, but try using the knife into someone’s body you will see how the knife is a bad tool!!?


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