Chromatography Lab: Minimal and essential requirements

Chromatography labs vary largely based on the type of  chromatography method used.

They are designed in a way suitable for the particular chromatographic procedure.

But all the chromatography labs have some common requirements to ensure the sensitivity, reproducibility and reliability in analytical results.

Since chromatographic procedure is one of the mandatory requirement in some researches, it is necessary to provide a well equipped lab for the long-term benefit.

An ideal Chromatography lab

Chromatography lab
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1. Spacious room: Most of the modern and advanced chromatography system have a good amount of spares and accessories to be kept in place. So Spacious room will benefit the ease of accommodation of chromatography. Further one perform many operation during the experiment like solvent degassing, filtration etc. spacious rooms will beneficial.

2. Regular electric supply: Most of the HPLC and chromatography instruments of advanced version require good amount and steady supply of electric energy. Any power breaks during the experiment will lead to restart of entire procedure. So a power back up if required has to be put up.

3. Good lightning facility: Since the procedure of operation is very systematic and tedious, good lightening is mandatory for the chromatography lab. Also good lightening help view small parts of the instrument without any hassle and help avoid errors and mistakes.

4. Air-conditioned room: The sophisticated instrumentation used in chromatography are sensitive to temperature changes. Especially the detectors of spectroscopic based are quite sensitive and get heated up. Because the temperature has to be steady throughout the experimentation, lab should be air-conditioned. Further air condition ensures dust free space.

5. Spacious work benches or tables to accommodate entire Chromatography instrument. Chromatographic procedure and method uses a lot of utilities like pipette, syringe, samples tubes, beaker and many more. Presence of big work space is advisable to prevent loss due to spillage etc.

6. Dust free room, preferably kept air tight to prevent dust entry. Dust is one of the important factors which can lead to errors of chromatography instrumentation. To see that chromatographic system function effectively precaution to remove dust regularly and air tight locking are needed.

Besides the instrumentation, all the reagents, chemicals and solvents used should be of HPLC grade for better performance.

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