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Microbiology is the subject which deals with study of microbes and their effects on the body. It also tells how to handle the microorganisms for human use


What is Sterilization ? 9 Types and Methods in Microbiology

Sterilization is a process of destruction of all forms of living microorganisms from a substance. Articles having direct application on humans and animals are subjected to sterilization. These materials include drugs, nutraceuticals, surgical equipment, food, etc. Sterilization is done to preserve the substance for a long time without decay. Secondly, a substance that is not sterile […]

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5 Types of Elisa | Their Differences and Principle Explained

Types of Elisa

The term ELISA in full form is an Enzyme linked immuno-sorbitent assay. Besides Western Blotting, elisa is one of the distinguished and widely used types of immunoassays. It is extensively used techniques in microbiology due to the advantages like rapidity or speed in experimentation, unlike radioimmunoassay. Further, it has greater sensitivity and specificity for the smaller amount of test […]

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