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What is a Substrate | Its Role and Examples

what is a substrate

A substrate is substance on which enzymes acts to covert into a product. For many enzymes, there is only one specific substrate. But most enzymes have two or more substrates. A substrate is very specific for an enzyme to catalyze the reaction. It means a substrate can be broken down in presence of that specific […]

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Types of chromosomes with their Structures.

Chromosomes are DNA molecules containing part or whole genome of an organism.. They are present in the nucleus of the cell. Chromosomes mostly have two bands separated by a centromere. One can differentiate types of chromosomes based on their morphology, function and other differences. Types of chromosomes Based on the position of the centromere, chromosomes […]

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Importance of Pollination | 5 Major benefits in Life

importance of pollination

Pollination is the means of sexual reproduction in plants. Most flowering plants go for sexual reproduction by this method. The plants secrete pollen grains (male gametes) from the anther (male organ). These pollen reach on to the stigma which is a part of female organ in the flower. The pollen then unite with ova to […]

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Monomers of DNA and RNA | Their Chemistry & Shape

Monomers of DNA and RNA

Monomers are molecules which can bind to similar molecules to form long chains or polymers. Organic compounds like carbohydrates, amino acids, nucleic acids, etc. can be obtained as monomers. Both DNA and RNA are nucleic acids in all most all the cells. These both molecules are large strands and are made of nuclear bases and […]

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Branches of Biological Science

Biological science is one of the important subjects of science studied as a part of education. It deals with the living beings in detail. It helps us understand the process of life, like birth, growth, disease, etc. Further, it helps us study the applications of biology in different aspects of human life. Those who wish […]

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Systemic Enzymes | Their Examples and Uses

systemic enzymes

Systemic enzymes are those which are present in almost all the regions of the body. Unlike, the localized enzymes present in digestive system or liver, these enzymes are present in every cell, tissues or regions of the body. Systemic enzymes examples Plasmin Ceruloplasmin Alcohol dehydrogenase cyclooxygenase (COX) ATPases Plasmin: This is a protease enzyme that […]

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Common Chemicals Used in Daily Life

vinegar-Common Chemicals Used in Daily Life

There are many sets of common chemicals used in daily life on a routine basis. A chemical is a substance which consists of a specific set of molecules or ions in it. In nature, we find many substances or materials which are mixtures of a different set of molecules. However, they can be isolated and […]

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