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Pharmacology is the study of pharmcokinetics and pharmacodynamics. These explain aspects like how the body handles the drugs and how the drug works in the body.


Antibiotics Classification | Their Definition, function & mechanism

antibiotics mechanism of action

Antibiotics are the some of the most valuable and indispensable drug molecules in the present world. Many people survive from deadly bacterial infections and communicable diseases like tetanus, septicemia, typhoid, tuberculosis,  etc. due to these antibiotics. Use of antibiotics greatly decreases untimely mortality of many infected patient. There are many types and are selected based on the prior experience or by antibiotic sensitivity test for […]

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Use of Animals in Scientific Research | A Complete Guide

Use of Animals in Scientific Research-guinea pig

Animal testing is routinely used in pharma industries, scientific research labs for testing of drugs, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, etc. They are used as per provisions of animal laws after obtaining proper approvals. However, there is high demand to stop the use of animals for experimentation by organizations which are sympathetic to animals. Animals are used for following scientific […]

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